Thursday, January 03, 2008

Let The Training Commence

Alright guys. I called my school the other day and they said I should be good to go to enter the half marathon. It shouldn't conflict with my trip to Texas. I came home tonight and registered David and myself. It's official. We will be running the Rite-Aid Cleveland Half Marathon on May 18, 2008. Yes, that's 135 days away. And yes, that's 13.1 miles we'll be running. I'm pumped! I'm looking forward to the challenge and the overall experience of training and participating. Now, if the weather would cooperate. We had snow/ice on Sunday and then the temperature dropped, meaning we still have a slick running surface. With that being said, pilates has been my workout of choice for the past 2 days. Thankfully we ran on Monday (which is usually an "off" day). According to weather reports it should start to warm up meaning we'll have more favorable conditions to get outside and get moving.

I've also been incorporating the dogs into a "workout plan". After each run I've been taking them for a short walk. It makes for a nice cool down for me, it gets them out and gets them some exercise, which will hopefully expedite Lily's weightloss. We're not going very far...down to the corner and back, but we'll slowly increase, making sure Lily can handle it with her knee and all. They absolutely love it.

Well, as Erika wrote to me, "Let the training commence!"

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Mom said...

We look forward to seeing you two run.