Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Diabetic Runner Challenge

After Erika's most recent post, I have decided to join her in the Diabetic Runner Challenge. I'm sure there are people out there that are saying, "Are you trying to be Erika? You're doing everything she does." No, I'm not trying to be Erika and I never want to be a copy cat, but you can't deny that she's an inspiring person with great ideas. So Erika, I apologize if I come across as a copy cat, it's not my intention.

The challenge is to either run 1000 or 500 miles in one year. I entered the 500 mile challenge, meaning I have challenged myself to complete 500 miles in the year of 2008. As the site states, as long as I keep to a 10 miles/week I'll make it. I encourage anyone out there to take on the challenge too. You don't have to be diabetic. It's all about challenging yourself and raising awareness of diabetes and World Diabetes Day. Be sure to keep an eye of my mileage that I'll update on a daily basis. 15.42 miles down...only 484.58 miles to go!


Jamie said...

Just wanted to welcome you to the challenge! Great to have you on board, and looking forward to a great year of running for you.



Anonymous said...

"Well....I would run 500 miles and I would run 500 more"