Sunday, January 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Boy

David's 26th Birthday was Friday. We did both end up getting off early from work and took advantage of our time together. We headed up to the the Elyria/Crocker Park area and took in a movie. Sweeney Todd was David's movie of choice. We've been wanting to see it and they aren't showing it near here. I pretty much knew why, but after seeing it I can definitely see why they didn't bring it to the area. We definitely enjoyed the movie. However, I think you need to fit into atleast 2 of the following categories.

-Appreciate Tim Burton Films
-Appreciate Johnny Depp
-Appreciate Musicals
-Appreciate Gory Movies

Thankfully I fit into 3 of the above categories. As for the gory part. It was pretty darn gory. Not scary mind you, just gory. They don't pan away when Depp was killing his victims. You know, how they oftentimes move to the feet and just show the feet shake. Nah. It was all out there and when they were dropped down they dropped hard. And it kept happening and happening. It also isn't a feel good movie for sure either. We liked it and will watch it again. With all that being said, for those who are interested, watch at your own discretion. We did see a preview for the special Fathom Events' "Spirit Of A Marathon." It gave me chills. At the same time I got bummed because we won't be able to see it. It will only be showing one night, in selected theaters. That one night is 1/24/08...this Thursday. I have to work until 7pm and wouldn't be able to get there in time. However, I do have jury duty selection Tuesday. Maybe I'll get selected and get out at an early enough time on Thursday and would be able to make it. Wishful thinking.

Back to David's day....After the movie we bummed around Crocker Park and then went to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner. As usual, it didn't dissapoint. Feeling full o' cheesecake we headed home and didn't do much else for the rest of the night.

Saturday wasn't too eventful, but we did meet up with both sets of 'rents to celebrate David's birthday. We went to dinner at Damon's then everyone came to our house and we sung to David and indulged in a Coldstone Creamery cake. It was the Strawberry Passion. Boy, that didn't dissapoint either. David's birthday is usually our mark of "done indulging" every year. It's obviously hard enough to do it through the Holidays and then we have several family birthdays in a row. So by the time his hits, it's our last hurrah and we buckle down even harder than we've been.

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