Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Feel The Burn

I only have but a few moments before it's time to head to bed, but I wanted to post a little something considering it's been a couple days.

As you know I had jury duty on Tuesday. We went through the jury selection process and I was actually one chosen for the jury. People may be surprised, but I was glad to be summoned for jury duty and to actually be chosen to be on the jury. It was something that I had never experienced before and it was something that I thought I'd find interesting and educational at the same time. It definitely was. It was a civil case, which meant although we had to make a decision, it wasn't something so heavy as a criminal case. The actual trial didn't last all that long, as it started yesterday afternoon and finished this morning. We headed into delibartion and I was chosen as the foreperson. Darn notetaker. Nah. In all honesty I didn't mind. I expected the deliberation to be swift and found that it didn't end up being so swift after all. Thankfully we had a great group of people on jury duty. There wasn't anyone that took offense to other's comments and I feel everyone was still free to speak their mind. And although we were making a big decision and had the weight on our shoulders it was still an entertaining experience. Of course this is coming from someone from the "analyzer family." Remember, I love to analyze every bit of information I receive so this kind of stuff I can get into. We delivered our verdict then got to meet with the magistrate and then the judge. Of course we were content in our verdict but at the same time you often feel it's a lose-lose situation, given that you can't necessarily award everything to one person or the other. You tend to meet in the middle somewhere and the parties involved aren't 100% happy. With that being said, after speaking with the magistrate I definitely feel just in the feelings we felt and the decision that was made. This was such a great experience that I do hope to be called for jury duty again. Too bad I only receive a small compensation from the courts and nothing for work. But I guess that's what sick times for, right?
On the running end of things, I took Monday as a rest day while David headed out into the decent weather. Once again I should've been smart enough to look at the weather but didn't. On Tuesday we got snow but I once again bit the bullet, got my kicks on, and headed out. It was my first ever "snow run." I got to have the experience of running into falling snow and having snowflakes stuck to my eyelashes. They kind of hindered my view but that's okay. I just kept telling myself, "I'm playing in the snow." Today's conditions were about the same but the snow had been stepped on more, leaving more icy spots. I try to run in the street when at all possible, but oftentimes this isn't a real good choice since they are major roads. Today my legs were definitely feeling the strain I had put on them yesterday. Even though I didn't run a long distance the snow gave my legs a run for their money. Running on snow is the oddest sensation. I think Erika describes it quite accurately when she says it feels like you're running in quick sand. You're pushing but feel as though you're going no where. It wasn't necessarily slippery given that it was freshly fallen snow on Tuesday. When your feet hit the ground it's solid, but when you go to push off they "slip" almost as though you're paddling with your feet. Your legs start to burn when you're only on your first block. Having said that I think I did pretty well. I didn't land on my face or butt for that matter and I returned home all in one piece. As for my pace, well, I'm not going to go there.

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