Tuesday, January 01, 2008

How Do You Spend New Year's Eve?

Hello and Welcome To A New Year! It's amazing to think it's 2008. I got to get used to writing the date, which usually takes a few days. So what did everyone do to bring in the new year? As for us, we did the same ol' same ol'. We're not really the type to go out in general, so bringing in the new year was no different. After our afternoon run (Which was rougher than expected. Darn Olive Garden soup and salad....should have waited a little longer to run) we went out to Danny Boys with the 'rents, then headed to their house with the kids. Mom made her yummy stuffed mushrooms, we drank some sparkling grape juice, and watched Shrek The Third. By 11pm David and I were exhausted. (We had woken up early that morning and had to work.) So we went home, went right up to bed, and fell asleep. No ball drop, no nothing. We were out. We were awoken by fireworks and the dogs going nuts for a few moments, but that was it. I rolled over and went back to sleep. Quite adventurous, eh?

Going to bed before the ball drop is nothing new. Back when I was younger I remember my mom would video tape it, and I'd watch it when I woke up. I just have a hard time staying up. I'm definitely a morning person, not a night owl. You add, attempting to keep yourself awake, and it makes it that much harder. I'm also a type of person that likes to reflect on the year's events. I know, kind of weird, but I can remember being that way ever since I was in the 6th grade...the year I broke my leg. It was a tough year with one thing after another. It was almost as though a cloud loomed over my family. At the end of the year I remember wanting to say "Good riddance!" but at the same time knew that although it was a tough year, times like that form you into who you are and who you become. It was a flooding of emotion. So with that being said, I like to see it as just another day, reflect a bit, and then move on.

This morning we slept in too late...10am. I hope we can sleep this evening. When we woke up we headed out for our morning run. Upon leaving the house David and I gave eachother the look of "What the heck are we doing?" It was 35 degrees (not too bad) but the wind and snow were blowing about. I knew it'd be the kind of run where you just put your head down and push through. It was tough and we ended up doing one of our shorter routes. We kept a good pace and I'm glad we went out even though the elements weren't very favorable. We may not be able to make it out tomorrow due to the snow we're supposed to get today/tonight. We'll keep our fingers crossed.

After that mom made us homemade pancakes on her new griddle. Yum! I haven't had pancakes, let alone homemade pancakes, in awhile. They were the best. We spent some time over there for a bit, and now we're chilling at home. David's channel surfing through football and I'm going to continue reading my "Marathon Woman" book (by the way, I LOVE it!) Later on we're having all the 'rents over and Sita's making some dishes to celebrate the coming of the new year.

So what are everyone's resolutions? I've never been big on making a new year's resolution. In all honesty I don't think I've ever made one. If I have, I have forgotten. I think my boss has it right. When I said, "I don't think I'll make a New Year's resolution." He just looked at me and said, "Heidi, your whole life is a resolution." Very true.

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Cheryl said...

Happy New Year Heidi and David and Heidi's Mom and Sita!

In Hawaii there are many New Year traditions... all ethnic of course, but that's what makes Hawaii, Hawaii. We pop loads of fireworks! In fact, I was saying "If I were the neighbors I'd call the fire department!" Talk about so much smoke and flames! It's all in traditions though, so we just have to do it!

My family had a big Sugar Bowl party. If you watched the game, you can imagine how disappointed we were. UH really let us down! But, we knew UGA was a stronger team. We still thought UH could do better than they did. Oh Well.

No resolutions here either. Just resolve to go on another year and try to be as happy as I can be. Maybe get a new puppy? Maybe.