Saturday, January 05, 2008


Upon coming home from vacation I worked my way through our mail that was mostly junk mail. Then I came across an official looking letter. You never know if it's just junk or the real deal. I opened it thankfully (or not so thankfully?) and found that it was a summons for jury duty. That's not what I wanted to come home to following a horrid vacation. Ah well, at least they gave me a month's notice to notify my employer. My term of service begins on Monday and I was asked to call the Friday before my term and each Friday thereafter until my term ends (1/25/08). I called this morning and found out that I must be present this Tuesday at 12:30pm. This should go over very well at work considering we already have 3 surgeries scheduled for the day plus any afternoon appointments. (Hey, I gave them fair warning) With my fellow co-worker, who I've trained, becoming pregnant, I've had to started training a new co-worker to assist me. She's catching on very fast, but it still means that when I go to jury duty it leaves them with an unexperienced assistant to help Doc with surgeries and appointments. Oy. Something that they'll deal with but not sure how smoothly it will go. I can only do so much and worrying about it won't help the situation. We'll just have to see what happens.

David and I went on a small "adventure" last night. We ended up driving to Elyria for the night. Poor Elyria. I remember when it was the "happening place." Now you go there and the majority of the restaurants have closed and the mall, well it's just not as good as it used to be. We still went just to get out of here and ate at Texas Roadhouse, a fav of ours ever since New Orleans. But this time it was different. Different in a good way. No longer did we get two baskets of rolls and shove our faces with food only to become overfilled. David and I no longer get our own meals. For the past month we've been sharing every meal we get while eating out. Originally it started in Hawaii due to trying to save money. Unexpectedly, it's worked out while on mainland too. We realized we didn't need to be eating as much food as we were. We're eating less and spending about 1/2 the amount we were before. It's amazing to walk out of a restaurant and only spend around $10 with tip. Even better, not to feel like you're bloated like a balloon from eating too much.

After that we stopped by Dick's Sporting Goods and found they still had some cold gear that was on sale. David stocked up with 2 tops and 2 pairs of tights. Yes, my hubby's going to be wearing compression tights. Teehee. Of course he'll wear shorts over them unlike me. He's still running in shorts right now. Gah! It's cold. Hopefully they will keep him warm without obstructing his mobility. He said, "Now I'll look like T.O.....just not my upper body." Bless his heart. David's still busting his butt everyday. Watching what he's eating, running, crunches, situps, leg lifts, the invisible chair sit, lifting weights. You name it, he does it. I'm working hard too, but he kicks my butt. I swear anytime I turn around he says, "I'm going upstairs to...." and it's some sort of workout. He's made tremendous progress....of course in his mind it's never enough. But I am so very proud of him.

It's about that time to head to work. It's my one Saturday a month to work. I hope to get a run in today after work then I'm not sure what the afternoon will hold. This evening we're going to our neighbors for our first ever vegetarian meal and to play some Cranium. Sounds like it will be an interesting night.


Mom said...

Koodoes to the both of you. David has accomplished what the Marines were not able to accomplish. He now has that "drive" for self improvement. He looks great. You never cease to amaze me. Always working on something, whether it is home improvement or self improvement.

Sita said...

Hey Boy,
Do we have a Pete and a Repeat now? That's who you sound like...Grampa Pete. Ooh Rah! Go go Boy. I'm proud of you.