Tuesday, October 09, 2007


I realized that I forgot to post on here about how our weekend went. Saturday, well that was a hoot. I went to work. The first hour was good. No problems, then the second hour hit and bam! The shit hit the fan. Our double appointment (same family, 2 pets) was a 1/2 hour late and that's when all the sick ones started to call in. My cat got outside last night and now is limping (required anesthesia and x-rays). My cat got it's tail stuck in the door and now the tails about to fall off (required anesthesia and a tail amputation). My dog is panting real hard and is having labored breathing (ended up having an anxiety attack). I could go on and on. And not only do you have those, but you also have the normal appointments that are already scheduled. I haven't had a Saturday like that in awhile. Actually I don't know if I've ever truly had that bad of a Saturday at this clinic until that day. And of course it's at the end of a long, hard week, so you're already struggling just to get by. You go into overdrive and just go. Autopilot. Doc did his thing, I'd go do my own thing, and then in the end we ended up at the same junction, just as planned. It's hard to explain and something you'd have to see to understand. And surprisingly we were only there until after 1pm. We close at 12 noon and for the most part we get out about that time usually. So getting out at 1pm was a miracle. I thought we were going to be there until 5pm.

After that I raced home, picked up David and Lily, we ate, and then we headed out to do the animal therapy at the nursing home. She did great once again. I don't believe any of the patients remembered us, but that's okay, they still enjoyed the company. And I can tell Lily already has a few favorites, where she enjoys being held by those certain people.

That afternoon I ended up crashing. I could no longer keep my eyes open and I actually took a nap. Believe it or not, I took a short nap on Sunday too. You can definitely tell I'm exhausted considering I am not a nap person. But it was needed. Sunday was spent just driving around in in the country. We picked up some pumpkins and then chilled the rest of the afternoon.

Nothing all that exciting, but that's okay. Sometimes that's the best way to go.

This weekend David will be heading to Michigan for a mandatory Marine Corps muster. It's his yearly muster for inactive reserve where they update all of his information (which is already done online). I'm not sure what else they do. Last year he got out of it due to it being too many miles away. If it was so far away you could get out of it. With it being in Michigan this year, it's closer, which makes him have to go. My plan is to go down to Columbus and spend the day with Ande'. Other than that, not much else is going on. Yesterday we were steady at work, but nothing like last week. We shall see what happens the rest of the week.

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