Friday, October 26, 2007

Complimentary crocs? Sweet!

Yesterday was filled with small little surprises. While at work I checked my email to find I had an email from our outside laboratory we use for work. Recently they've been offering classes in regards to specific diseases, how to test for them, and how to treat them. They offer something small like a scrub top or a water bottle when you finish the course. In addition, the courses count as free continuing education too (even though I don't need continuing education yet). I find them interesting and they tend to be short, sweet, and to the point. So, back to the email...for taking a certain number of their courses they offered me a complimentary pair of crocs to say "thank you" for taking the classes and filling out a one page survey. Can't complain about that! I had several choices of colors and once again I passed up the turquoise for ruby red. Ruby red is a new color and I'm hoping it's kind of like the grape where it's slightly metallic. We'll have to see. I'll get my turquoise someday. This will make 6 pairs for me. I think that's bordering on the point of madness. Ah well. I dig them.

Then a little later my supervisor came around checking for name tags and I had mine on. Once again, I got a dollar just like last time. This is only the second time she's done it and both times I've got a dollar. Hey, it's a dollar. It all spends the same and you get to glow for a moment when you receive it, thinking, "I did something right."

I got home from work and David said I got a letter in the mail. Say what? From who? I never get mail unless it's a bill. He said, "I think it's from John." Sure enough, Jacki's John sent a letter from Iraq. Cool! Who doesn't like to receive real mail??

Ah, so it was a good day. Little things that are rays of sunshine during the day. It doesn't seem like that kind of stuff happens all that much. More than likely they do but I just need to open my eyes, realize it, and be thankful.

Having taken Tuesday off, due to rain, I got it in my head that I wanted to run this morning. Of course last night David was surprised to hear that I wanted to run today. Usually it's his day to "sleep in" (if you call sleeping 'til 6am sleeping in) and I usually sleep later too. But since my schedule changed at work and every other Friday I work morning/have afternoon off or have morning off/work afternoon, I figured why not run today. I was planning on going by myself but David was a trooper and got up with me. Instead of going a 3 mile route we chose a shorter distance and ran like the wind. According to the Garmin our average pace was 9:47/mile. Whew! That's fast for me, considering my pace usually averages around 10:30/mile. Hey, I don't claim to be a speed racer. I'm not really focused on my time but recently it's been getting worse. David says it's probably because of the wind and adding more clothes to the routine. I don't know. But I do know that it's been harder for me to keep up with David. Trust me, that boy can run. I can only imagine what he'd be running if it weren't for me "holding" him back. So I'm proud of myself for keeping up with David today and just kickin' it out. It felt good. Tiring, make you think you can't make it, needing self-talk good. Good. Tomorrow's a day off then we'll be heading to Amherst to take part in the Skeleton Run For Your Bones 5k on Sunday. Looks like we'll have some pretty cool weather, but that will make it fun.

Hope everyone has a Fabulous Friday that leads into a Wonderful Weekend!

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