Friday, October 05, 2007

Welcome Friday

Friday is here and boy am I glad. It's been a tough, busy week. That's good, but I'm worn out. It's the kind of work day where you're exhausted but you look back and think "What did we actually do?" A lot of running around, or more like running in circles, sometimes. I'm also thankful that I have this Friday morning off of work. The past 2 weeks I've worked all day due to a coworker being on vacation. So now that I'm back to having one morning off a week, I'm going to enjoy it. Last night I was exhausted after working all day but I got enough energy to get all my cleaning done that I do on Fridays. That way I could sleep in a little this morning. Ahh. I'll probably do a bit of schoolwork before heading in, but other than that I'm going to chill a bit. According to the schedule before I left last night, it looked as though this morning was going to be crazy at work and more than likely the afternoon will end up that way too. Positive thoughts....I still have to get through the work day tomorrow too. Eh, it will be fine.

I forgot to tell you, Lily has also popped up with a "problem". The other day we noticed a bump on her head. We're not sure if it's an insect bite, a mass forming, or what. It's tiny but large enough to raise her hair so that you can notice it. I've attempted to pop it, thinking it may just be a cyst or something, but had no luck. I may just have to get a needle and attempt to pop it that way. Of course I have David saying, "leave her alone!" but it's just my nature to try to figure out what's wrong with her. I'm also a pimple popper type of person. Ever seen an abscess be drained?? We'll get cats with abscesses every so often. They'll go outside, get bit, and a huge abscess forms. It can be one of the smelliest things you've ever seen, and can get pretty gross, but I'm there! I dig it. Gross, I know.

Speaking of Lily, I made a big step last night. While cleaning our bathroom I decided to scan the linen closet and get rid of things that aren't needed. You know, expired medication, etc. just to clean it up a bit. Anyone can guess that not only do we have a human "pharmacy" in our house but we also have a pet "pharmacy" too. With all the animals, especially with Lily's history we've acquired many medications. I've gone through it many times but couldn't bring myself to get rid of many of these medications. I'm sure I've posted it on here before, but it's so hard for me to get rid of items. I tend to put feelings to inanimate objects. I blame it on the cartoon Susie The Little Blue Coupe. It was on the Disney was about a car who was so proud and then when she got old she got pushed to the side and got sad, then one day a young kid comes along and fixes her up and she's so proud. Anyone remember this? Anyway, I think of that when I'm getting rid of stuff. I feel bad that I'm hurting it's feelings. I know, I'm crazy, and I can't believe I'm actually typing this on the blog. I can definitely say I'm not a hoarder though. If anything I go through stages where I want to throw everything out and start clean. I just don't think about the cartoon, I guess =) Back to the medications...I was going through all the medications. 95% of the medications that we have were expired and most of them were from Lily being sick. I am definitely guilty of keeping expired medications in my medicine cabinet because I know from working in the field that they don't necessarily expire but they must list a date. But a lot of these medications expired in 2004 or 2005. I also think, "What if we need them again?" I'd hate to have to pay for the medications if she relapses, but remind myself, she's okay now. More than likely she won't relapse. So all these thoughts are going through my mind and I decided, it's time to let go. I did keep medication that's not expired but you can only imagine the amount of medication that I did get rid of. Whew! What a release.

Enough about revealing my faults to you guys. Want to know what our plans are for this weekend? This evening we have our Third Street Neighbors Meet The Candidate Night, but we hope to possibly make it to Cedar Point for a bit. Halloweekends has been so packed this year and I'd like to try to go on a Friday night since you always hear that there's not too many people there on Fridays. Tomorrow I have to work in the morning then we'll be taking Lily for her second trip to the nursing home. That evening will probably be spent in front of the tv watching OSU vs Purdue. On Sunday I'm not sure what the plans are. It's the Vikings bye week, so it's an open day. Oh, the possibilities!

By the way, not sure why you'd care, but I just checked Viking's bloodwork results online and they are good to go. No problems. That's always a good thing.

Alright, hope everyone has a Fantastic Friday!

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