Thursday, October 11, 2007

It's Fun To Boo People

On a recent trip to Target we found a creative idea. To spread cheer through the Halloween season, you "Boo" those around you. Since our visit we have found that it's not really a new idea and that surprisingly the concept is in variety of stores in our area. They have different Boo kits. Most often there's candy, a Boo sign, and a little poem to go with it. We thought it was a cute idea, and as always, we're trying to increase our involvement with our neighbors and neighborhood, so we decided to give it a go. Instead of using their kits we decided to use the idea, but tweak it in our own special way. I "stole" the poem, typed the poem and made "We've Been Boo'd" signs on the computer, and took them to Staples to be copied on bright orange paper and laminated. The Boo sign goes in their window so everyone knows who's been Boo'd, and the idea is that they pass on the laminated poem with a little something to another neighbor.

We chose 3 of our neighbors and made different things for each. The first family was the Swopes. They are a divided family, meaning 1/2 Steelers fans, 1/2 Browns fans. Not only are the parents divided, but each child is on different sides too. They are always having family get togethers for football games, so our idea came from this. We purchased these cool plastic glow mugs for each of the kids. One Steelers, One Browns and filled them up with candy. The other family is the Shafraths. They have several young daughters so we filled up a plastic pumpkin with candy. And lastly, we had to get Mark and Sue in on the deal. They're our neighbors from up the street that we tend to hang out with. We are always putting our heads together for our neighborhood gatherings and ideas. They are vegetarians, so we weren't sure what to do for them. We came up with the idea of a fall floral arrangement for them.

We've had this idea going for weeks now, but have been collecting items and waiting for the right time. Upon arriving home I noticed that each of the families were home so we thought it was our chance. We got everything together and delivered our Boos. The concept is to surprise them by leaving it at their doorstep, so they don't know who did it. However, considering the weather, etc. we thought it'd be best to actually deliver them. It was fun. I love bringing smiles to faces. I could see one of the little boy's face light up when he saw the mugs filled with candy. Too cute.

From previous posts, you know that we've been very busy. However, I always remind myself that you're never too busy to spread a little kindness and cheer.

This Halloween there’s something new
A sweet surprise that’s called a “Boo”.
A friendly “goblin” left it here
To spread a little “ghostly” cheer.
It’s not a fright, it’s not a scare,
It’s just a secret smile to share.

You’ve been boo’d.
Now you’re the one to pass along the “spooky” fun-
To neighbors up and down the street,
To friends who’d love a special “treat!”

‘Cause it’s for sure this little gift
Will give their “spirits” quite a lift.
Enjoy the latest, greatest way
To celebrate this holiday.

It’s easy and fun to do-It’s up to you to share the boo!

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