Saturday, October 06, 2007

I Got A Dollar

I got a dollar. I got a dollar. I got a dollar, hey, hey, hey, hey! The office manager came around yesterday with money in her hand and looking at each of us employees. I wasn't really sure what she was doing but she said, "Heidi, you have yours on," and handed me a dollar. Ah, my nametag. We've been getting away from wearing nametags but I've been trying to make a point of wearing mine. Hey, it paid off. Sweet! I know, I know. It's only a dollar. But a dollar is a dollar. I'll take it!

Last night we went to the Meet The Candidates Night and I was really glad we went. I was in a crabby mood upon coming home and for some reason David and I weren't communicating well, so the whole Cedar Point thing went out the window. Heck, we didn't even get dinner before heading over the Mark And Sue's (where the event was held). So in all honesty I was kind of bummed about having to go to this Candidate Night. I just wanted to chill and start my weekend. That's the problem with having these things on Fridays. It's football season and people want to start their weekends on Fridays evening...they don't want to worry about who's who. But anyway, we went and like I said, we were real glad we did. We met Herman Robinson who's going for the school board. In addition, another candidate, Dr. Richard Koonce showed up to give some of his views. I had never met either of them or even knew they were going for the school board, so I guess the evening had a point. As it states, we met the candidates. We were even able to talk about a few non-school board related things with Herman. Come to find out, he's a reverend that runs a ministry called ACORNS here in Sandusky. It's something that may be worth looking into and actually getting to know him better.

It's too early to even go into this, but I'll try putting it in a nutshell. Finding a church has been close to impossible for us. Some think we have turned our backs to religion, which isn't true. If anything David and I have very strong in our faith. Stronger than most people would believe or see in us. Some think we're confused and need guidance. We're definitely not confused. However, who doesn't need guidance? Everyone needs some sort of guidance, even with everyday life. It's hard to find something because oftentimes what we believe doesn't line up with what we're told we are supposed to believe. And it's true, the closer you get to a church, the more flaws you see. I do not expect a perfect church. Humans are not perfect, so how can you expect a perfect church? However, I do look for leadership and fellowship that is not hypocritical. Meaning you must practice what you preach. Not just during that 1-2 hours on Sunday, but 24/7. We're also looking for diversity. A church that reaches out. Not only to those that "fit" their mold but to every type of person and the entire community. We want a church that's willing to step outside box and take chances. Try different, newer, preaching techniques and an upbeat worship that reaches to the younger generation. Our experiences have obviously been tainted by these problems, in addition to MANY others. Like I said, it's too early to go into much more...that's for a later time. So that's the nutshell....pretty big nutshell, eh?

Let's see what the future holds. You just never know what may happen.

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