Thursday, October 25, 2007


Jax is on a new kick recently. Anytime I have milk he is all up in it. He'll "talk" (meow) and rub on me just to see what I have. He knows he wants it, it's just trying to get me to allow him to have it. It's so funny because he's never been interested in it previously. It all started about a month ago. After runs I'd have a can of Slimfast and he'd want to lick the rim when I was done. Then last weekend I had a glass of milk with a couple cookies. He was going nuts trying to get at my milk. Since it was family dinner night everyone saw what he was doing, so I know I wasn't going crazy, thinking he was acting crazy. I've recently changed my morning routine from Slimfast to Ovaltine and milk (by the way, the whole Slimfast thing wasn't to lose weight, it was a sugar thing). I had my normal glass this morning, and once again he was up in my face trying to get in the glass. What's the deal? And contrary to popular belief, cow's milk isn't good for cats. After their done weaning most cat's lose the ability to digest milk. Basically they become lactose intolerant. So it's not like he needs it or even should have it. But every so often I'll give him my final few licks at the bottom of the glass just to keep him quiet. But I must say I have no idea where his new found interest came from. I can only guess his previous owner. However, why have I never noticed it before? You should see him if I ever open a can. I'm not even talking about a can of cat food. Just any ol' can. He's there all up in it. Must have previously been fed canned food I guess. Too funny.

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Anonymous said...

"jax man" was too cute last sunday. Especially when he couldn't reach the bottom of the glass, thereby, putting his paw into the glass to reach it. Well, he tried to, until "Momma" put a stop to that :0).
By the way, I said Jax man because there was a Carol King song, "Jazz Man." It just popped in my head. I'm a crazy one for making up names for people or pets.