Sunday, October 28, 2007

Zoom. Zoom.

Nothing too exciting going on around here. Just gearing up for David's trip next week. I also figured it was about time to start making a to-do/packing list for Hawaii. So I've been working on that. I can't believe it's only just over a month away. I'm pumped. For some reason I was having some anxiety about our trip and I couldn't pinpoint where it was coming from. We were watching "Hawaii Do's and Don't's" on the Travel Channel this week. Most of the information was a no brainer but they brought up the idea of rental cars and what to do or not. That's when it hit me. I then figured it out that I was anxious/nervous about transportation. Originally we had decided to rely on Oahu's transportation and maybe rent a car for one of our days, to go to the North Shore. They have taxis, The Bus, and a trolley system. But having never had to tackle a large city's transportation system I wasn't exactly pumped about trying to figure it out. Getting passes, doing transfers...bah! So we discussed that we'll get a car. I made a phone call to our hotel and found that we do have the option of parking and we don't have to reserve a space. It's $15 a day (heck, at least it's not $50 like Chicago!) I then booked a vehicle. We decided on the economy, which should be an Aveo. Just like home. That's the way I like it. Yay, we get to ride around Oahu in a skate (I call my Aveo My Skate because it reminds me of the big skate from Skate World). I have basically no anxieties about getting around the island. I have a ton of resources and so what if we get lost. It's an adventure. My mom thinks the only reason we're getting a car is so that I can go search for Dog the Bounty Hunter. Ha! I won't say that we won't search out the office, but meeting him? I think I'd just fumble my words. And I think he'd probably have some sort of system to keep people away since people would probably be coming in all the time to see him just to "get a picture." I'm excited to just get there and drive. Chill, drive, looking for an adventure, soaking up the sun, and making some memories.

But for now, it's time to head back to reality. Tonight's our trick or treating. So we got some stuff to do around the house. I'm also planning on starting to tan today. I can hear the groans now. I'm not trying to get dark or look like a different ethnicity. I want a base tan so I don't burn, or should I say have a bad burn after arriving in Hawaii. It will feel good today too, considering how chilly it is.

Time to head off to Amherst for the Skeleton Run For Your Bones 5k. It's a frigid 42 degrees out. This should be interesting.

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