Sunday, October 14, 2007

A Day With Ande'

Time to recap the weekend. Yesterday I went to Columbus to spend some time with my sis. I was lucky enough to be the first family member to see where she works. Not only did I get to see the building, but I actually got to see where she does her day to day duties and met a coworker. It's very nice. It's moments like those that I wish I had a corporate-type of job....big building, glass elevator, with my own desk, and a view. Ha! But then reality kicks in and I remind myself I like to get down and dirty with my job. It makes me proud to see my sister doing so well at what she does. And even better, she loves what she's doing.

It was a gorgeous day. And instead of going to the zoo we decided to head out to Dawes Arborteum in Newark, which is about 30 miles east of Columbus. It was beautiful. During our time we got to see the Japanese Garden and the Bonsai Garden. The Japanese Garden was complete with the raked gravel gardens that you see in magazines. But instead of being mini-sized, it was life-sized. Cool. And I learned something. Bonsai isn't a type of tree, it's actually the art of miniaturizing trees. Hmm, didn't know that. You learn something everyday. Having been awhile since Ande' had been there and since I'd never been there, it took a little longer to get there than expected, and we mistakenly didn't eat before we arrived. We spent some time there but it unexpectedly got cut short since our tummy's were rumbling. We only scratched the surface but it was an awesome experience and I'd like to go back again.

After our adventure we headed to Easton to eat at the Cheesecake Factory. Ande' hadn't been there in awhile and I wanted to treat her to a nice meal. As always, it was delicious and we made sure to save room for dessert. After dinner we headed back to her place and then I headed home. Such a great day and I am so glad that I got to spend sometime with my sister. It's been awhile.

While I was in Columbus, David got up to go to earliest muster in Detroit. Although David has been finished with his 4 years of active service, everyone still has to "serve" 4 years of inactive service...meaning they can call you up at anytime. Basically the muster was about trying to get you to reinlist instead of getting involuntarily recalled. Of course David said, "Heck no," and was finished for the day. More than likely this should be his last chance at getting recalled considering you have a very short period to be recalled. You have to be 1+ year out of active duty, and still have atleast 1 year of inactive duty left. As of today, David has exactly 1 year of inactive duty left. Out of everyone that was there in the first muster, 26 guys got involuntarily recalled. What that means is that they are now active duty again.

Today was spent running, getting things done around the house, doing yardwork, and watching football. David's happy...the Buckeyes won, the Indians won, and the Vikings won. He's in Heaven. Tomorrow he'll be heading to Cleveland with his dad to see Game 3 in the ALCS. It should be a good game! Time for dinner with the 'rents. Have a great rest of the weekend...what's left of it.

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