Saturday, October 20, 2007

Snaaaake! Snaaaake! Ohh It's A Snaaaake!

The weekend has arrived. Yes. We headed out to Cedar Point last night to finally enjoy a Friday night of Halloweekends. David's 'rents joined us and we had a blast. There weren't many people there, but due to the limited amount of rides and food that was open, due to it being on a Friday in the last couple weekends of Halloweekends, we didn't ride all that much. However, we did get on the Maverick, SkyHawk, and Millenium. Dragster was closed, more than likely due to the high winds. It was the perfect temperature. The wind was pretty harsh, but it was still fun. We had only ridden Maverick once this year due to the 3+ hour wait times, so we especially wanted to ride that and we got to do so in the dark. Sweet. And I'm so proud of Sita! She rode every one of the rides. Come to find out after that she's not a roller coaster person. I guess that explains why I kept hearing high pitched screams as though she was dying, behind me on Millenium. Haha. Hilarious. She recovered quickly and I think looking back she had fun, after the shock wore off. Once again, even though David and I go over to CP with our passes many times a year we don't always ride the big rides due to waits, so every year I have to talk myself through the butterflies in my stomach and my heart palpatating during the first few times. At this point I'm digging the adrenaline and have my arms up the entire time while I hoot and holler. It just stinks because next year it will be the same cycle. Nervous in the beginning and easy going by the end of the season. Ah, it's all fun.

In other news I received a call from David yesterday while I was still at work. He said, "I don't want to scare you but we have a friend." "Oh no!" I said. "We are not having another animal. Whatever you found, leave it!" And he says, "No. It's a snakey (snake)" Oh my mind just starts racing. I don't just have a fear of snakes. I have a phobia. Just talking about them gets my heart racing and I start sweating. Come to find out when he went outside to mow the grass, he opened the garage to see a black and yellow foot-long snake. He doesn't think it was actually in the garage but was sitting by the door just outside the garage. He tried to catch it and put it in a box to release it somewhere, but it got loose and slithered away. Oh man. So where does this thing live? Does it have a nest in our garage? Backyard? Are they in our house somewhere? Oh no! I don't even want to park in the garage anymore or work in the backyard. I thought by working in an animal hospital in Michigan, that also saw exotics, I'd get "used" to reptiles. Not so. Through an entire day of coaxing myself, I was able to touch a boa constricter. However, It took many hours. I'd walk closer and closer. Then finally touched it with a gloved hand, then a bare hand. And one more thing, it was anesthetized, meaning it wasn't moving. So that was a HUGE step for me. Did it make my phobia go away? Heck no. Just a few weeks ago we were running and I looked down to find what I think was a smashed snake. Yikes! My legs flew up in the air, I hollered, and once again the heart started racing. I just don't want to get to the point where I was in junior high/high school where I had to check everywhere before I moved. Meaning before I sat on the toilet, I'd check under the seat. Or in the shower curtain before entering the shower. It was bad. The thing is, I've never had a defining moment that would make me scared of them. It just exists. To explain my title line for today, check out Badger, Badger, Badger, Mushroom, Mushroom, Snake. You've probably seen this from an email, but with the whole snake incident it reminded us of this little video. Be patient until the snake arrives. The guy's voice cracks us up. Snaaaake!

It's almost 8:30am and about time for a run. Just waiting for David to arise. Once again, it's my day off and I can't sleep in. My body won't let me. Bummer. Hope everyone has a Stupendous Saturday with tons of fun and a Buckeye and Tribe win. Sounds good to me!


Anonymous said...

WHAT AT RUSH! I think we found a new tradition Heidi Bug! The first ride we went on I liked the best (maverick I think) that made me horse laugh...and scream...a lot. The skyhawk was fun. Alpa finally admitted that it made him queasy. haha. The last ride. I did need help, up and out of that thing. My legs didn't want to support me. It was the oddest feeling. Oh, I forgot to mention, I have a raspy voice today, from my screams.
Hey everyone - you should have heard Heidi's holler. I was screaming in fear but had to look to my left at where she was seated, to make sure it really was her. She was hollering like some kind of middle-eastern afganistan type of woman. Or maybe she became an american indian with some kind of "war cry" that came from the bowels of her inner most being. It was a surreal experience. I shall never forget it. I want to go again - just to hear that frightening war cry come out of little Heidi. I was partly screaming in fear of Heidi as well as th fear of falling - on the down side of that coaster hill. HA it was SWEET. Whew, I survived.

Jacki said...

How funny that you were at Halloweekends last night! My dad and Caitlin were there too. Too bad you guys didn't run into each other.

My dad wants me to tell you that he has a few "buy one get one free" Halloweekends coupons left. I know you guys have season passes, but if you know anyone who wants to go that doesn't, let him know!

Mom said...

Too funny...both the CP story and the snake story!!

Mom said...

Yeah, Buckeyes!! Now, go Tribe!!

Anonymous said...

Let's go again! Do you think we could talk Alpa into it. You know how he loves coupons.. ;0).
I'm game. Do I know Jackie. Hey, thanks Miss Jackie (IF we can get Alpa to do it.)