Friday, October 12, 2007

Change In Plans

We've had a small change in plans for this evening's events. We will be going to the Tribe Pride Party, but will have the club seats with unlimited food. You actually had to pay for the tickets but David's 'rents wanted to go that way. That way if we have inclement weather we'll be protected. And even is involved. No complaints from me! I do feel kind of bad having the original tickets though. I'd hate to take them away from someone else and then not be used. My plan is to take them along and see if anyone outside the stadium wants them for free. Anyone reading this that would be interested in 4 free general admission tickets, holler at David or me on our cell phones. David told me last night that him and his dad have tickets for Monday's game also. So it looks like it's a Tribe weekend.

My plans are still one for going down to see Ande' tomorrow. As of now it sounds like we'll be heading to the zoo. Once again, no complaints here. I LOVE zoos. And it looks like it will be a gorgeous day.

Ohio weather still amazes me. Just the other day we had our air conditioning on. Then within 24 hours of turning it off I had to turn the heat on. Just crazy. I dig the fall weather. It gives you that cozy feeling. Last night I came home to dinner made, with the lights dim, and Nightmare Before Christmas ready to go. Oooh, comfy.

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