Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Update On Vike

To fill you in on what's going on with Viking....he's still gimping around. I took him in on Monday. At that point I just wanted Doc to feel his knees and see if he could see anything that I couldn't. He basically said everything I said, his knee is slightly "loose" but no more than the other and they are the same size, meaning no swelling. And there's no crepitus signaling a fracture. So where do we go now? We're still keeping him quiet with no going outside or playing ball and giving him a NSAID (think Ibuprofen...but for dogs). I think he's getting better but he stills hikes his leg up when he wants to get around. I just wish he could say, "It hurts here mom," and show me. Ah well. I just wish I could make it better, but we're trying.

The past two days of running have been going quite well and I am pleased with myself. I've tried to stop looking at the Garmin so much and just run. I knew we were going faster than normal this morning but I didn't look down. I just drove through it. No complaints no nothing. I'm sure David likes this new strategy. Another thing we've been trying is just going out and running with no set route. Since we've started to become comfortable with our surroundings it's starting to get easier to determine how far it is from here to there. It's helped to mix things up a bit. However, I must say sticking with your old route that is out and back seems so much shorter and faster (even though it's not) compared to a new route that zigzags across town. In addition, previously we were doing more 2 mile days. We're now trying to work up to more 3 mile days and then go from there. Slowly but surely. Oh, it's time to go to work.

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