Sunday, November 04, 2007

1 Hour Gained

Alright, so we gained an hour of sleep last night. Could've fooled me. I do have to say as I get older springing ahead does have an effect on me but the whole falling back thing doesn't seem to matter to my body. I woke up at 8am and figured that was as successful as I was going to get to sleeping in today. I knew I had to get up and moving because I wanted to get some things done including a run, take down the Halloween lights outside, tan, and grocery shop. I got up and did my usual tidying up and finally got to the point of getting my shoes on. I was sitting on the kitchen floor, stretching, and here comes Lily wanting love. She gave me the puppy eyes, then Viking got into the mix. Then I figured, what the heck, why not get the dogs out for a walk today. Lily's weight has been continually weighing on my mind and the bottom line is she's just got to get moving. And they both love to get out and run. The problem is Lily's usually gimping by the time we get home. You can only imagine that she has to take 3-4 times the amount of steps to fill my stride. So just our trip around the neighborhood, which was close to 1 mile, would be like me trying to run 6 miles instead of my usual 3 miles. Get what I mean? So we all went out and did some speed walking. It's not running, but it's something and it was nice to get the dogs out and enjoy their company. After that I got everything done on my to-do list including spending some time with the 'rents out and about. We'll probably be meeting for dinner later on, but for now it's time to blog, fold some clothes, and chill with the kids.

Right now David and his dad should be at the game. Last I checked it was tied, so hopefully they're seeing a good game. I talked to him early this morning. It sounds as though they're having a great time (Minus the cellphone mishap. Still not working by the way...I ordered a new battery online for cheap. Let's hope that works. If not, we're not out tons of money and we'll just go from there.) Also, if they look out their window they can see the bridge that collapsed. I guess they were going to go and check that out before the game. I'm anxious to hear all that they did before the game. The plans were up in the air when I talked to them. Not sure if they were going to shop or go tailgate. I know they were also hoping to get down to the Metrodome to watch the players as they arrived, just like we did last time. Knowing them, they did it all and are soaking up the experience. We shall see.

I think I may sneak a quick nap in. Zzzzz.

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