Sunday, November 25, 2007

Long Weekend

I've been slacking with the posts the past few days. Give me a break, we've been busy. The day after Thanksgiving we headed out to do a little shopping at 10am. Nothing big and just checking out any deals that were left. We got a little Christmas shopping done and got a few things for ourselves. While we were driving out to meet the 'rents we were the victims of our first road rage of the season. A car turned off into a plaza, I turned on my blinker to change lanes and take the place of that car. While I was moving over this guy in a truck ran up on me and beeped his horn throwing his hands up in the air. Ah well. He moved over to the other lane, went around me, then moved in front of me. After all that we still found ourselves following him into a plaza. As we entered he heard a horn beeping and David said, "Is that the same guy?" I said, "Nah." But then it happened again. You bet it was the same guy. There was no reason to be beeping at the car in front of them as they were going the speed limit. Geez. Bah humbug to you too man.

We finished up our shopping and chilled the rest of the day. That evening we met up with David's old friend Brian Hughes and his girlfriend. We headed downtown for the Tree Lighting Ceremony, then to the Kalahari Candy Hut, and finished the night listening to the Breakfast Club over at Nick's Roadhouse. Yes, you heard right. I spent time at a different bar this weekend. That's just crazy. Ha. For those that know us, we don't get out all that much, especially to bars, so it's kind of funny to know that I've made it out to a bar the past two weekends. It's not that we have anything against it, it's just that it's just something we don't find ourselves doing all that much. Once again we were in good company and had and enjoyable night. I must say the whole smoking ban makes it much more enjoyable. You don't feel like you have to strip down immediately upon entering your house after going out anymore.

Yesterday we woke up at an early time to freeze our butts off during a run and then continue freezing them off as we put up our outdoor lights. Note to self: if you have decent weather in early November, put up your lights early, just don't light them. I've felt so "out of the spirit" when decorating this year. It's as though I just want to get it done and don't appreciate the moment. I must say it's kind of hard to enjoy it when you can't feel your fingers though.

We then decided to spend the evening up in Cleveland with Sita and Alpa. Originally we were going to go see the Tree Lighting, but decided to go to the Lake Erie Monsters Hockey (AHL) game. David was determined to get to the game since it was "fleece blanket night" (he's a sucker for giveaways) but in the end I'm glad that we went. Actually, I look forward to going again. It had been awhile since I had been to a game and I had forgotten how much I like hockey. And for $10 a ticket it's great entertainment. Too bad it's an hour away because I could definitely see us going to games more often, just like when we lived in New Orleans and went to Hornets games. And it's very family oriented with free hair coloring, tattoos, sign making, etc. Very fun. We'll definitely have to go again.

Today has been a bumming type of day. We haven't done all that much but I am slowly getting things together for our trip. Right now I'm uploading songs to our MP3 players (early Christmas gifts). I definitely enjoyed the long weekend we had. A well-needed rest. I can't wait for our even longer break that's just right around the corner.

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