Friday, November 02, 2007

55 Miles

I just got done calculating our mileage for the month of October. It's our highest month to date at 55 miles total. Pretty cool. I hope our trend continues on as the months go by. Brrrr, it was 38 degrees for our run this morning. I love this new shirt I got from Target. It's a wicking material that has a half zipper and a higher neck. That's not even the cool part though. It's long sleeved and at the end are these cuffs. Well, if you pull them down over your hands they make mittens. It's awesome and so creative. Kind of reminds me of when little kids have their gloves or mittens attached to their winter coats with clips. One less thing to worry about losing while you're running. We usually don't run on Fridays but on Wednesday night/Thursday night our sleeping night was full of interruptions. From Viking wanting let in and out of the bedroom to waking up with a Lily vomiting in the bed (yep, fresh clean sheets that were just changed the day before) I just wanted 45 more minutes of sleep. Actually there were even more problems during the night but it's just too much to go into on the blog. So Thursday ended up being a day off, which led to us running today. It was tough to get up. All I wanted to do was stay in the warm bed and sleep in knowing that I don't go in until noon today, but we got up and got our butts moving. Which leads me to where I am now. Sitting, writing. I plan to head upstairs to do some cleaning before heading into work after I'm done here.

I believe David is all set and ready to go to Minnesota. It's fun to see him excited. However, I must say I'm quite jealous at all the planning he's putting into this weekend trip. I'm not mad by any means, however do you think he does any planning for any other trip we've been on? Heck no. A week in Disney...did he crack a book or look things up on the internet? Nah. How about Hawaii coming up. Does he seem interested and want to plan things? Nope. What's the deal? I guess it's a man thing. He's going to see his beloved Vikings and it has to be perfect. As for our trips together he knows that I'll have everything figured out along with directions printed and ready to go that he doesn't have to worry about it. But I will say it'd be nice if he'd at least show a small hint of interest in planning our trips, even if we don't have any set plans. I'd just like to have some of his input as to what he wants to do and have him know what's available. Ah well.

As for me this weekend, I have to work tomorrow morning then I'm planning on going up to Great Northern with mom and sita. We're going up to a scrub store then probably will do some shopping here or there. At night we'll probably just chill and watch or go to a movie.

Okay, time to get moving on the cleaning. Hope everyone has a Fantastic Friday!

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