Friday, November 09, 2007


I had hoped to post this a few days back, but as with most things, you get side-tracked. Tuesday was voting day. I hope everyone got out and voted. As for me, I was there first thing in the morning to put my 2 cents in. And for only the second time, David even voted. I must say though, it's getting harder and harder for me to vote. Although it's "my say" it never ends up the way I had hoped. And I can honestly say that about each election I've voted in. I'm starting to think, "Maybe I should vote for the opposite way I want things to go, and then it will turn out right." I've always marched to the beat of a different drum, and tend to go against the grain, so it's no big surprise. And it's not about me trying to be different or being liberal. It's just the way I am. If I believe in something, that's just the way it is. However, I must say it's no wonder why it's hard to get young people to vote. No matter how hard MTV tries with Choose or Lose, it basically comes down to the older generation that calls the shots. Yes, when you vote, you "voice your opinion", but why do it if you feel as though it falls on deaf ears? To go even deeper, it's the haughty upper class that call the shots. The individuals that have never been in the situation that most Sanduskians are in. They don't understand the community. And I'm not talking about the city...I'm talking about the individual people in the community. The people don't know the lifestyle, the values, or the goals that people need and want. And since they've never been there, they will never understand. The thing is, it's not even about having to live where those people are. It's about understanding and taking a leap to try figuring them out. Basically reaching out and not forgetting about them.

I see Sandusky in a mindset. The mindset that they've always been in. And it's not changing. You know the theory, if it's not broke don't fix it. Well guys, it's broke, and definitely time to be fixed. I'm talking about Sandusky, the mindset, and the direction the city is going. It's frustrating to see individuals voted into office when they weren't even out campaigning. You can say, "Well, people already know them and what they stand for, that's why they got voted in." No, it's the people in the community being complacent. I want people from all walks of life in office. Individuals with new, fresh approaches. The sad thing is, there were people on the ballot with these new, fresh approaches. They could've made huge steps for our city/schools. What's even sadder....there have been people on the ballot in previous elections and there will be people on the future ballot, all with amazing ideas. Will they get voted it? Nah. But why? It's change. Sanduskians can't seem to handle change for some reason. Step out of the comfort zone, and whew, better watch out.

Straight up, I've been on the fence with the Marina District. Actually, I'm still on the fence in regards to my feeling on the whole thing. In the end of voted no. And it's not so much that I don't want the change. And it's definitely not because I was afraid of losing Battery Park. I'm not totally sold on going the tourist route in our future plans, but Lord knows we need something in Sandusky. So going into the final week of campaigning I was for the change. I figured there are two ways to look at it, kind of like the Field of Dreams....If you build it they will come. Or do we wait and allow people to come, then build it? And I also felt, if someone wants to put their time and money into it, and it fails, I'm not out all that much. Then something hit me. I almost felt that the individuals that were pushing the Marina District had a personal agenda. And they weren't trying to pass this so much for doing what's right for the community, but what's better for them. Like, how will this help them individually? Or where can I stick my foot in to get my chunk in this? It's the individuals that are pushing the Marina District that will get to enjoy the Marina District. Whether it's the activities or the income that the Marina District provides. As for us average civilians, we'll be able to see others enjoy the district with it's condominiums and marina, while we serve them and dream that maybe someday we'll be at the point of being able to enjoy it too. But don't bet on it. Working in a service job won't get you very far. I could be totally wrong. But this I do know, I've always been taught to follow my gut and my gut said "no." Of course, we now all know that it was passed and developments will continue. We shall see what happens.

I've had multiple individuals say that I should run for a public office. Oh, I just couldn't even imagine. First of all, looking at the history of Sandusky, I wouldn't get in. I don't have a big name, don't have a ton of money, or a flashy job. A few things that are a must have for people that are elected. And if for some reason I would be elected, I can only imagine the heartache I'd go through with troubles and the inability to produce the change that I'd like to see. Something that happens when you get involved in politics and actually have a heart. I'll never rule it out, but don't see it in the near future either. I'll end my post with something I've always told myself....Conformity is a state of mind. Rise above it.

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