Tuesday, November 06, 2007

My Minnesota Trip

Hey! It's David. I bet you never expected to see me write on the blog. But I figured I'd fill you in on my Minnesota trip....

I had a great trip to the beautiful state of Minnesota with my Dad this past weekend. We made it to the Mall of America just in time to watch the Buckeye game at the Stadium Club restaurant, just so happens there were seven other guys (all Vikes fans) there to watch the game as well. After that we walked the mall and saw Viktor the Viking. I know he’s more for kids but I thought he was cool. We stayed at the Holiday Inn Metrodome, in the morning we came to find that we were right next to where the bridge had collapsed. I can’t even begin to think how horrible that must have been, and seeing it up close makes it even that much more terrifying.

Sunday Morning, the reason we made the trip. I couldn’t help but think, “ I just don’t want the Vikes to be slaughtered." We left our hotel room very early to make sure we saw all of the pre-game festivities. But before we did that I had to meet up with an ESPN Board, Viking Army, MSZ Board and current Viking Nation Legend. Tom aka Supa was there along with other friends as well. It was really cool to hang out with Viking fans and talk Vikings football. Hopefully we can meet up again.

The Game!!! The first half was horrible. The second half was absolutely amazing. It’s so much fun watching Peterson run. My Dad and I try making it to Detroit every year and I remember as a kid having to watch Barry Sanders run all over the Vikes. Now we have that type of player and I could watch that ALL DAY! We witnessed history and I will remember that for the rest of my life. I loved seeing and hearing all of the little things that some of you guys might take for granted. Seeing the playing field, Ragnar, Viktor, Cheese Free, Spiking Viking, the huge blow up Viking ship, and every fan wearing Vikes gear gets me so pumped and excited about the Minnesota Vikings. Most of the time I’m in enemy territory but not today. Then you add in the crowd noise, the intro of Led Zeppelin, the Viking horn, and the best part, singing Skol Vikings. I know the Metrodome has seen it’s better days and the Vikes don’t have the best record, but I still love being a Vikings fan. The future of the Vikings looks very bright and I can’t wait to come back, maybe next year? Until Then Skol Vikings!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Boy,
What a joy it is to see your diary in your blog. It blesses me to read all about it. Your diction certainly is descriptive and expresses your pure Viking enjoyment! (You missed your calling) You should start a Viking blog and make a "Viking Fellowship, Inc. Club." Expand upon that, why don't cha?!!!
I'm so glad you and Daddy made some awesome memories. I think it should be a yearly tradition. What do you think? ;0)
I love you,
p.s. You'll have to explain what some of the things are that you talked about, e.g. the names that you stated, like the mascot and such.