Monday, November 12, 2007

To-Do List

For the past two days I've wanted to sit down and write a post. I just haven't had time. Now, when I have a few moments to write, do you think I can think of something to write? Of course not. Nothing all that exciting happened this past weekend. However, I must say I filled my time with tasks. And isn't it amazing how you can find something to do when you're wanting to put a task off. For instance, school work. I'm so close to the end of the semester that I can taste it and I just couldn't seem to focus in on finishing up my assignments this past weekend. I finished them all today and have 2/3 of my checklists signed. After that I'll have to make sure that I finish all 3 final checklists, have them signed, and turn them in. And lastly, I have to take my final exams. I must finish everything before going on vacation, which I know I'll do, but it's just riding on me. I can't wait for the exams to be posted so that I can complete those. I'll have a few days off in a row coming up here the next week, which should hopefully help. But I'm sure I can easily find something to do other than school work. Having those days off also drives me to get everything accomplished and signed at work. Patience Heidi.

I can't believe our vacation is right around the corner. Whew. I've made our packing list along with my traditional "to-do list" of items/tasks to do the week up to our departure, so I'm ready for it to come. At the same time I remind myself to sit on my hands and once again be patient. I'm still a cleaning freak like always, but I try to pace myself during this time. I do a THOROUGH cleaning before leaving in hopes of coming home to a clean house, but I don't want to do everything now and have to repeat it again in 2 weeks. I also have to remind myself that I will have plenty of time to get it done and everything will come together. But of course my busy mind likes to think it all through and make a gameplan (a gameplan that more than likely will not go as I have planned in my head). Ahh the fun of being obsessive compulsive with anxiety. Actually I'm doing real good with it as time goes by. This time last year I wasn't as laid back. And as my Florida trip a few months back showed, I had very little anxiety. Shoot, I wasn't even packed until 48 hours prior to the trip. Yes, I know that's what normal people do. And in all honesty I see me being quite laid back as our wait time dwindles and gets closer to our vacation. It will all fall into place and I'll enjoy the journey. That's part of the fun.

I'm gearing up for Christmas shopping too. I haven't officially started but I have all of my gifts chosen for everyone and mapped out where I'm going to purchase them. I just have to pace myself. Once again, I try to space things out so it's not such a huge hit to the pocketbook at one time. I'm big on that. For Halloween we purchase candy the entire month of October. A few bags here and there, which add up to a big amount by the time trick or treating comes. Same with Thanksgiving. I try to purchase a few things each week prior to the big day. It just works out better that way. Now I just need to get some fire under my butt to order the gifts. I'm especially excited about one gift this year. Stay tuned....

Totally changing the know how I've been looking for the Roloff book? Well, come to find out it's out of print. Bummer. However, I checked online at and found that I can order it straight through the family. Even better, I can have it autographed. How cool is that? It put a smile on my face. I got to order it. I received my Switzer book on Friday but have yet to start it yet. I'm so ready to start it but am keeping my priorities straight with getting other more important things finished first.

This is one crazy post that really has no point. More than anything it's me rambling, showing my weaknesses. Sorry guys. I better head upstairs. It's 9:41 and I'm already over 10 minutes late for bed. Gotta get up at 5am to run tomorrow morning and David's hollering at me, "You're going to be tired tomorrow!" I'm coming. I'm coming.....

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