Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Cell Phone Issue

A few things to update you all on. We received David's new cell phone battery. As of this moment there has been no change, meaning it's not fixed. Time for another plan I guess. We've been wanting to change cell phone providers but don't want to pay a cancellation fee. And ever since we got cell phones (over 6 years ago) we've never finished a contract yet. There's always been changes made or broken phones, that lead right into a new contract. And in order to get a phone you have to pay an arm or a leg. They never run specials anymore either. Of course you have the option after so much time to get money towards a new phone, but that hardly helps. Anyway, as I posted awhile back we've been thoroughly annoyed by Sprint and their customer service that it'd be great to change providers. Looks as though our contract doesn't end until January. And for some reason they said both of the phone contracts end in January. I think that information is wrong. We'll have to go to a sprint store to verify. Ah, frustration. I can't see David going without a phone for 2-3 months. Then if he changes to a different provider I would also want to change providers (which wouldn't be a problem if the representative's information was correct with my contract also ending in January, which I don't believe). We'll just have to see.

In much better news, David had to purchase a new pair of jeans, again. He's now in a size 34....the smallest he's ever been, even after bootcamp. Just amazing. And better yet, he got a deal on a pair of jeans at Aeropostale. Only $19.99. Sweet!

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