Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Counting Down

We're one more day closer. Yes. I'm fully packed to the point of last minute things. And I have my to-do list in full swing. Everything down to the last day. I can't wait. We're both so ready. When we went out for our run this morning David said, "I don't think I'm going to be able to have a good night's sleep until we're on vacation." Well, let's hope we get some sleep on vacation.

I've gone back through 2 of the 3 Hawaii books, making notes. I'm not 100% comfortable yet. It's more the whole idea of getting around and what to do when. I'm sure that will come with time and being there. Unlike Disney, we've never been to Hawaii so we're not sure what to expect. And although tourbooks have "how to do Disney in 3 days", etc. it's pretty much a no brainer when you go there. You get up and go. Don't have to worry about transportation with the Magical Express and all the shuttle busses. Of course I still did some planning when we went to Florida like when the best days for what parks were and things like that. Basically for this trip I've printed out tons of maps and directions, made notes in books, then have basic notes as to what we would possibly like to do when we arrive. That's it. Really nothing special. We haven't planned any tours or anything. That's more because of a money thing, but also, you have to book so far in advance and I just want to get there first and check things out. I'd hate to be tied down and not be able to do what we want to do. And if we get there and can't get on a tour that we'd like to be on, so be it. I'm sure there's plenty of other things to fill our time.

I'm already dreading leaving the "kids." I know they're just pets to most people but they are part of our family and for us it's like leaving a kid behind. I know they'll be fine and they could hardly care that we're gone, but it's still so hard to leave them. It's just getting through that first night or two and then I get better. They'll have a heck of a time with Nana and PawPaw though. Viking and Lily will definitely keep them on their toes.

I believe I've finally conquered the problem of sending my school checklists in. I was having problems last week with sending them to my professor. Well, come to find out it wasn't just a problem with 1 class, but 2. I still don't think it was a attachment size issue but I ended up getting my professors' personal email addresses and sent them that way. After hours of attempting to send emails with attachments, last week and last night, I have not received any back from all the ones I sent last night. Let's keep our fingers crossed. I just want it to be complete, that way it's one less this to worry about this week.

Well, it's off to work I go. Only 3 more working days. Yes.

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Mom said...

Only three more days until there are sunny skies, grass skirts and leis!! Lucky!!!