Thursday, November 29, 2007

1 More Sleep

The alarm went off this morning and I think it's the fastest I've gotten up in a longtime. My head popped up ready and raring to go. I realized it's the last day of work before vacation. I've waited for this day for an entire year. I really don't know if I'll get any sleep tonight. And considering we'll be getting up around 3:45am it's not like we'd be sleeping well, anyway you look at it. We've got a 12 hour trip, hopefully I'll be able to sleep. I'm not one for sleeping in moving objects, especially an airplane. It's just uncomfortable. If you tilt your head back you tend to have the open mouth, sore neck situation. If I use the table and lean over I feel I can't breathe and my arms fall asleep (I never slept in school, on a desk, why would it be any different now. So the position I usually end up in is leaning forward with my head to my knees and the top of my head touching the seat in front of me. I'm sure I look real cute. Everyone says to take a sleeping aid even if it's Tylenol PM. The thing is I'd hate to take it and feel so very exhausted but unable to sleep. That'd make a cranky Heidi let me tell you. We shall see. I'm also not one for wanting to use the lavatory while on a plane. I swear everytime I do we hit turbulence. Yeah, that's fun. Women have a hard enough time in public restrooms, try it on a plane. I'll tell you this...the whole "squat over the toilet instead of actually sitting on the toilet" technique is thrown out the window. And there's always a line for the lavatory even though they say not to line up in the aisles. So my question is, if I have to go do I follow the rules, waiting, hoping that at some point there's not a line? And race to it when someone comes out in hopes that I beat someone to it? Or just break the rules and stand in the line as everyone on the plane watches you? Ah, the joys of flying. I shouldn't be complaining. At least we don't have to drive or take a boat.

I was also explaining to a coworker how I see tomorrow in steps/goals. Once I'm on the road one layer of anxiety is taken away, then once we check-in, one more layer, get through the check points, another layer, and so on. The whole airport process can be exhausting. I've flown enough that I should be a pro at it, but considering all the changes that have occurred since 9/11 it makes it more of a challenge. You never know what to expect since laws and restrictions are constantly changing. And going through the checkpoints. Geesh. Do you ever feel like a cattle going to slaughter? You wait forever only to get to the check point and be pushed through faster than you can think. I always forget to put something on the conveyor belt and get yelled at, whether it's all my paperwork or my hoodie sweatshirt. I know they're just doing their job but I always feel like crap after going through them. Who likes to be yelled at first thing in the morning? Not I. Once again, the joys of flying and what we get to look forward to tomorrow. But the outcome will definitely be worth it.

I hear Hawaii calling our name. We're coming. We're coming.


Mom said...

L-U-C-K-Y !!!!!!!!!!!!

kyleroth said...

Have Fun... Aloha! Wish we were going.