Friday, November 30, 2007

Time For Vacation

It's 4:15am. We've been up since 3:30am and thus far things aren't going very smoothly, but hopefully that will change. Last night wasn't a very smooth sleeping night, surprise surprise. I think David and I would have done fine by ourselves but the dogs were pacing and wanting in and out of the room. Something tells me they know something's up.

Then when I got downstairs the first thing I noticed was that the ziploc bag I had Viking's glucosamine chews in were on missing. Great, I figured the cats probably knocked them down and then Viking ate them all. It wouldn't make him sick per se but probably some diarrhea. Not a good thing since he's going to the 'rents today. I found the bag with a hole. For the most part the chews were still present, just crushed up with some teeth marks.

Then, the bigger problem we found. I ran the dishwasher before going to bed last night. Well, the dang thing decided to leak. And I'm talking all over the kitchen floor. The rugs all soaking wet. At this point we've cleaned up the mess and will deal with the possibility of a broken dishwasher when we come back. Something tells me it really isn't broken. We started to run it last night then figured we both had to take showers and wanted hot water, so we stopped it and then started it again over an hour later. I'm wondering with the suds and water sitting in there if that caused an issue. Dunno. We shall see, just not now.

It's about that time. Mom will be here in about 10 minutes then we'll be heading to Cleveland for our 12 hour plane trip (4hrs 1st leg, 7hrs the next). We will have Internet access at the hotel so I may surprise ya'll and make a post or two while we're there. God grant us traveling mercies. Rock on! Aloha Hawaii!!!


Jacki said...

Have fun, you guys!

Mom said...

The kids made it to Hawaii late last night. It was about 9 pm our time but 3 pm their time. All went well except David was having a tough time from the cabin pressure on the planes. He wasn't feeling very well. Hope he recovers quickly so they can enjoy their vacation.