Wednesday, November 28, 2007

26 Degrees

I couldn't believe my eyes when I woke up this morning to see on our thermometer that it was 26 degrees outside. I mumbled a word that I cannot post on here and moved, getting ready to head outside. I couldn't believe I was about to willingly go outside and run in the cold. And something to keep in's only going to get colder. Ah well. We laced up our shoes, did some stretching, and away we went.

Not so bad. It's the weirdest sensation as you run. My legs were immediately chilled as the wind hit them. I had my good 'ol tights on. Yes, the running tights. I dig 'em. At 1/4 mile the cold moved to my face. The burning face sensation. Keep going Heidi. By the time my face had adjusted and felt normal, that's when my fingers started to burn. That was at about 1/2 mile. Keep going Heidi. Although my legs never fully adjusted to the temperature, the rest of my body and extremities did by the end of the run, and all in all it was a great run. I wanted to keep going but we had already decided on a route. And considering David had already made it home, I didn't want to take forever getting home and have him worrying where the heck I was.

The past 2 days we've been cutting our runs shorter. Instead of keeping at our 3 miles we've backed down to 2 miles. In all honesty we should be kicking it up with the vacation right around the corner, but shoot, the vacation gives us more incentive not to wear ourselves out this week. I want to be rested for the vacation so we can go out and do a ton of adventuring, all the while we enjoy warm Hawaiian weather. And we're not expecting to eat as much on this vacation as we did at Disney. Oy, that was A LOT of food at Disney. The Dining Plan is a great idea, just too much food. Since we don't have a "dining plan" for this trip and we have our eating portions in check, we should do fine.

It's going to be quite and adjustment to have warm weather and then right back to the frigid weather here. It should be fun. I've already mapped out some runs to do while in Hawaii. Heck, we may not even stick to a set plan. That's what the Garmin's for. Run until your tired or the Garmin says so.

Can you tell I'm getting excited? We're so pumped and ready to go.

By the way, David's still running in shorts. Yes, running in shorts in 26 degree weather. Can you believe it? He's crazy.


Jen said...

Just wishing you two a great vacation!!! I'm excited for you to enjoy yourself and soak up the rays! I'll be praying for safe travels and for you two just to enjoy one another and this great adventure. Take lots of pictures!!!!

Daleen said...

Have a wonderful vacation, Heidi and David. I know you'll love it! Think of us poor suckers freezing back here in Ohio when you're eating your shave ice.
God speed.
Aunt Daleen