Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Is It Really Fall?

Last night, before going to bed, I checked the weather to see what it was going to be like for our morning run. According to it would be 53 degrees at 6am. Given that information I can assume we'll be around that mark at 5am also. 53 degrees is a little warmer than it's been but nothing big. When we woke this morning we found it to be 58 degrees outside. Say what? What's the deal? Is it fall or actually spring? With all of this decent weather I'm totally confused as to what time of the year it is. It's very hard to get in the holiday spirit with it being so warm. It's the weirdest thing. I wouldn't be surprised if we had a blizzard by Thanksgiving though. That's just the sort of weather we have here in Ohio.

For the most part when I rise in the morning I have a slight nauseous feeling, which I attribute to my birth control pill. After beginning our run I start to feel better and by the end I'm usually fine. But let me tell you, those first few minutes are kind of tough. And I don't let me even think, see, or smell something gross. I have yet to vomit, but dry heaves aren't fun either. And I've also learned to take the pill a little earlier in the evening as to help with reducing morning nausea. So anyway, upon going to bed last night I noticed I had missed Monday's pill. Son of a.....Ah well. This happens once in a blue moon. You do the usual thing, instead of just taking that day's pill, you take both of them. Well, that also means double the nausea....not so fun. I've had 2 pills knock me out for a day. Not knock me out tired, but knock me out sick. Taking both the pills last night, I dreaded today. Surprisingly the nausea hit me in the middle of the night. I can't say it's any better at that time but at least I'm not fighting it while running. But instead of getting a good night's sleep I was tossing and turning, feeling sick. I felt a little weird waking up this morning, but the run went well. However, after the run the nausea kicked back in and I got the dry heaves. I'm feeling fine now but by abs feel like I did 5 times the normal amount of crunches I usually do. You know, that slight burning feeling. It's fun. I can't believe that I still think that getting up at 5am to run 3 miles is fun. Maybe not exactly fun, but it's in me. I've got the bug. I've always wondered why runners/athletes do what they do. I vividly remember just over a year ago we were driving home late at night, when it was cold outside, and we saw someone running. David and I just looked at him and both said, "What drives them to do it?" And to be quite honest, although I'm now one of them, I still can't pinpoint exactly why we do it. We put ourselves through pain, less sleep, and push ourselves to the limit, yet we find that it feels "good". I'm now one of those people that when David says "Let's go for a run" and it's 10pm I say "Let's do it!" I LOVE it.

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