Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Crazy Winds

Hey, it's 9:30 am here and we're about to head to the convention center for the marathon expo. Even though we're not running it I want to soak up the experience. Anyway, last night at about 3:30am we were awoken by some crazy winds. Our glass sliding door was shaking and all. Looking outside we saw our palm trees flying in the wind with the rain pouring. We weren't necessarily scared but put on alert. We haven't seen that bad of winds since New Orleans. Pretty freaky. Thank God we didn't lose power or anything. With all that being said it was a rough night's sleep with it being constantly interrupted by the wind. Ah well. As stated previously it's going to continue to be crazy weather with high speed winds, thunderstorms, and flash flood warnings the next few days. Keep your fingers crossed that we don't get caught in the rain, for the millionth time.


Anonymous said...

Poor things,
It will be wonderful when you're back home with your doggie-babies, and kitties too.
We miss you

Mom said...

Dad said you could write a book...and call it "Hawaiian Vacation". Maybe they will make a movie from it and Chevy Chase could star in it! :)

All is well here. We got about 3 inches of snow. Dad just got done plowing the walks and driveway. It should be melted by the time you return.

Anonymous said...

Are you related to Rema? You guys write alike.

Heidi said...

I have no idea who rema is

Cheryl Aloha said...

Heidi, You and David should go check out the Polynesian Cultural Center! Also, the Bishop Museum, Waikiki Aquarium and the Honolulu Zoo! Go to the Iolani Palace! Have you seen the Honolulu City Lights? Go to Aloha Tower in the evening, have something to eat and take the Trolley Ride to see the Holiday Display!

It's really too bad about the way your vacation is going, but I'm enjoying reading about it. Thanks for the tip about Coco Cove, I need to go check them out!