Sunday, December 16, 2007

It's Arrived

I feel rather uneducated with the whole snowstorm that's going on. I worked until noon yesterday, and knowing that the storm warning started at noon I was on guard. On guard that I decided not to run yesterday. David and I got some things done and then headed home around 2ish....that's when the snow flurries started. He decided to hunker down and watch Pirates 3 for the evening. Considering it still wasn't too bad we ordered a pizza for dinner and David picked it up. The snow continued but there wasn't much accumulation. I kept reading the weather reports only to find that Saturday wasn't the worse of the storm. So wait, we stayed in on Saturday for no real reason? Aw man.

I woke up at 5am this morning, looked outside to see that all the snow in the streets had melted. "Cool, maybe I'll get a run in today," I thought to myself. I went back to sleep for a bit and woke up around 9am. I looked outside again and found that yes, I the storm had arrived. At this point we have 1.5-2 inches of snow present on the ground. Looks like we'll be staying in for the rest of the day. So much for going to Aunt Therese's graduation (although yesterday we kind of figured that'd be a no go) and going to the Henry family gathering. We'll light some candles and hunker down for one more day.

I know, I should be fine with staying at home, chilling, but doing that right before Christmas is hard. You want to get out and get things done. Not to mention, it's the weekend. You almost wish it would happen in the middle of the week in hopes of not having to go to work. I guess the tradeoff there is no pay though. At this point we're unsure if we'll be working tomorrow. It looks like it's supposed to taper off this evening, which I think will give plowers enough time to clean things up. We shall see. For now I'm going to get some cleaning done and enjoy the alone time with David cuddling with the kids...that is, until it's time to shovel.

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