Monday, December 10, 2007


I was tagged by Jacki while on vacation. Now it's my turn to let ya'll in on a few of my quirks or random things about myself. I'm also supposed to tag 4 people but I don't know 4 people with blogs to tag. But I will tag Jen and/or Joe and Dad.

Here it goes....

1. I joke about being OCD but it's not always been so easy to recognize that I have definite issues. It all started when I was young, I'd see a piece of lint on the carpet while I was watching tv. I'd get up, grab it, throw it away, and sit back down to watch tv as if nothing interrupted me. Then when I got a little older (middle school-high school) I had routines that I HAD to follow and to this day I can tell you specific step-by-step motions of each routine. From going to bed (closing the bedroom door, moving over to my closet to make sure the door was securely closed, making sure my curtains were perfect, pushing down all the window blinds making sure they were perfectly closed....), changing channels on the tv (8, 5, 2, 20, 29, 44, 45, 11, 12, 22, 13, 35, 38, 57......), praying (making the sign of the cross as many times as needed until it felt "right" and having to say everything in a perfect order. If I left something out I felt something "bad" was going to happen), to checking my alarm clock a set amount of times. My "magic" number was 3 meaning things had to be done in 3's. It wasn't until I moved to New Orleans that my routines got interuppted and they were put to a stop. I do have "relapses" here and there but I've been able to keep myself in check and recognize them before they get to the point at which they were. Even more, while all of this was going on no one knew I had the issues. Mom was quite surprised to hear I had been doing this when she found out a couple years ago.

1.2 This is kind of on the OCD line but I'm a list maker. I make lists for everything and I always have an ongoing list. This even translates to my running journal. I log time, distance, weather, what I was wearing, route, etc.

1.3 OCD yet again but I'm also a number cruncher. I'm always calculating things...even pointless numbers. For instance when I lay down to go to bed I always figure out how long I'll be sleeping for. I also keep a specific log of my hours at work. I write down start and finish times. Calculate projected amount of hours I will work per week and compare them to actual hours worked. And I don't round, they have to be specific numbers.

2. When I run I hold my hands in the "shaka" or "hang loose" position. This isn't really a surprise since most have seen pictures. But this originated from running with pepper spray in my hand. The key ring goes on my pinky and my thumb goes on the lever, naturally putting it in the position. Now, even without pepper spray my hand goes into the position and my left hand mimics the position.

3. I've been told that when I sleep, anytime I move I make a small sigh...sounding like a sigh of contentment.

4. Okay, this is an embarassing one. I'm a touchy feely person. Not in a bad way! I used to want the Pat The Bunny book as a kid and my mom would never get it for me...that's because I was too old for it. I slept with my "little pillow" until about a year ago. It was only retired because it was in shreads. I tried for years and years to replace it with something else and it never worked. Then I started moving it farther and farther away from our bed until it was in our closet. Now I sleep with this soft fuzzy blanket thing that I wrap around my head like a turban (it's feels cool on my face). I was also a big Binky sucker, which turned into thumb sucking, then lip sucking. To this day anytime I feel something soft my sucking reflex takes over and I start sucking on my tongue. Most people wouldn't be able to tell I'm doing it since my mouth is closed. Actually I don't even notice it. This especially occurs with dog ears. Thank God Viking and Lily are so tolerant of my quirks =) (By the way my mom did end up getting me Pat The Bunny but it wasn't until a few years ago. Thanks mom!)

Now I'm truly embarassed. Ah well. You know how hard it is to think of random things about yourself?


Mom said...

Awwww...I think all your quirks are cute. Everyone has their own little "thing" that they do or like. Thanks for sharing.

Jen said...

I still have my blankey (baby blanket). I've slept with that thing since the day I was born. The only reason I don't sleep with it now it I'm afraid it will fall apart.

I always have to brush my teeth the same exact way. If I don't, then I have to start over because they will never feel clean.

If I am drinking something I have to swallow it a certain way. Almost like I have to swish it between my teeth first. Joe will agree on this. Don't know where it started from, but it just something I have to do.

Like your mom said, we all have our quirks. That is what makes us unique!(or maybe crazy to some) :-)