Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Adventure Of Running

What day is it? Ah, Thursday. Almost to the weekend. Yesterday was my half-day of work and due to Doc having an appointment our schedule got flipped to morning hours. That means I had yesterday afternoon off. Nice. I got home and was at a loss of what to do with myself. No school work, no cleaning. And as ya'll already know, I'm not a big tv watcher so I didn't want to sit and watch tv. Uh. Okay. File Cabinet! I could go through the file cabinet and get rid of outdated, not-needed paperwork. Never fear. Heidi can always find something to do. I was in the middle of organizing and purging while jamming out to some music, when David came home. I was surprised to see him home already. Whew! Time flew. That meant it was time for our run. Due to the cold and snow we've found that running at night has been the way to go during the winter. It takes a bit of tweaking with your schedule, but it's worked.

We debated as to what route we should run. The side streets are still slushy so we were going to try to avoid those at all costs. We decided on our route which we hadn't done in awhile. Basically an out and back route on a decently traveled road. In order to get to the heart of the route we had to travel down a side street. Not fun. Slushy also means slippery. But by the time we got to the main road we were fine and took off. For the first time we ran our entire route in the street. If you could see our sidewalks, you'd understand why. On our morning runs we tend to run certain parts of our routes in the street but you're not dealing with traffic at 5am, meaning you can run down the middle. Being a decently traveled road we had to stay as close to the side as possible, meaning we were running on an angle almost the entire time. That's tough on your knees and hips for sure. When we hit our halfway point and turned around we also ran into wind. So not only were we battling traffic and running on an angle, we were battling wind coming off the lake. It was a hard run. A run where I thought I was going to have a horrible pace. It almost felt as though I was running in place. But to my surprise my time wasn't bad. Huh, well that's good.

Last night was a "date" night for us. My generous 'rents watched the kids while we went to the movies. I know what most of you are thinking, "the "kids" are dogs, why do they need to be watched?" Well, Viking's been going stir crazy as well. He's been whining to go outside but once he gets outside he doesn't go far with the snow. And with having hardwood floors he can play but it's not as fun since he can't grip well. The 'rents have carpet and both the dogs live it up when they visit over there. So we couldn't decide what to do....take the dogs over there to run or go to the movies and leave the dogs here. Well, the 'rents offered to pick them up and take them over their house while we did our thing. Kill two birds with one stone. That also gave Sloopy someone to play with. Needless to say both of the dogs slept quite well last night. Thank you so much mom and dad!

We went to see the movie Enchanted. Quite cute. I guess it'd fall in the category of chick flick but it was funny at the same time. A good family movie. David will even admit that he liked it. But I have such a great husband. Of course, for many reasons, but one thing he'll do is watch chick flicks with me and not complain. Believe it or not I think he actually likes them at times.

This morning David had to go into work early but I got up with him to get a run in. I had my route in my head, got all geared up, and went out. I didn't even make it to the end of the street and had to turn around. The slush had turned to ice. There was a ton of black ice too, meaning once I hit a main street I'd still be chancing it. Not worth it. I came back in and did some pilates. Maybe the roads will clear even more today and I'll be able to fit in a run tonight. If not atleast I've done the pilates. I'll admit I wasn't complaining too bad when the roads weren't acceptable this right hip is killing me and I can only guess that's from running on an angle yesterday. When I started running I didn't know it'd be this adventurous. Little did I know...

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