Sunday, December 16, 2007

Who Doesn't Like Christmas Lights With Music?

I believe the snow has stopped...for now. At 1pm we went outside to dig out a bit. It was still coming down steady but we wanted to work on what was already present, so at the end it wouldn't be so hard. Boy, I'm glad that we did. The snow was wet and heavy, especially at the bottom. Hard on your back. Our snowblower went kaput 2 years ago, meaning shovels are all we've got. Of course since then we've had two of our hardest snowfalls that I can remember in a long time. Having such a long, wide driveway keeps you working for awhile. I also like to try to do all of the way to the corner, which is considered our neighbors, but it helps out those that are walking. I guess I can consider that my "workout" for the day since we were unable to get out to run. I'm itching to get moving but it'd be impossible to run. Oh, that'd be a hoot. To a certain extent I wish we could get a treadmill for days like this. But money and space are not on our side for a purchase such as that. In addition, I've never actually run on one and in all honesty I think I'd hate it. That and I'd fall flat on my face. My family doesn't call me "Grace" for nothing.

After we finished shoveling the afternoon was spent watching football...for David that is. I fell asleep on the couch, again. Even though I felt lazy this weekend I did get a ton of organizing and purging done. That always feels good.

The snow continued until around 4pm. That's when I called mom to find out that she was at the mall. Say what? There's no keeping that woman down. Like mother, like daughter. Having already dug ourselves out and not having too much snow cover from the rest of the snow, we met her at Bob Evans for dinner. Not too many people were out, but at the same time the roads weren't all that bad. The city must have been keeping up during the storm. We made a quick stop at Meijer just to move about for a bit then headed home.

On our way we noticed it was 7:01pm. A local business called SkateWorld has decorated their building this year. Then after 5pm they have a Christmas Light Show that goes at every 1/2 hour. You set your radio to a certain station, which then pipes you into their music. We've been wanting to stop but were always at the wrong time or heading somewhere. Being 7:01 David said, "Hey, you want to stop? It should have just started." We drove in, I set the channel, and we had perfect timing. It was great. I'm not sure if it's a pre-made program or if they did it all themselves but it was awesome. Who doesn't like Christmas lights? And Christmas lights to music? Even better. They did the typical Trans-Siberian Orchestra, with some Peanuts, a choral selection, and Mariah Carey. It ran for 25 minutes. So if you're in Sandusky be sure to stop by SkateWorld to check it out. Pretty cool.

It's about time for bed. Hopefully I can get to sleep after having taken a nap today.

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