Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Sun Is Shining....For Now

Hello all! After my post this morning we went out and walked the streets. We then drove to downtown Honolulu to check out the Aloha Tower and Chinatown. We didn't stay long as there was very limited parking and weren't willing to fork over a ton of money for it either since my main plan was just to take pictures, not shop. After our jaunt we went back to our hotel to get in our swimsuits and crossed our fingers that the sun would stay out until we got to the beach. It's been playing a trick on us the entire time we've been here. The sun will be out, we'll get in our suits, and by the time we get to the beach the sun will be covered by massive clouds, it's VERY windy, and/or it's raining. We got to the beach and the sun was out and stayed out. Can I get a hallelujah?! So our afternoon was amazing.....what we had been waiting for. We got in the water for a bit (not all the way in). It was still kind of chilly but much better than the other day. The clouds started covering the sun more and more so we decided to head back to the hotel. In the process it started to pour rain so we took cover fast. Right now it's not looking too bad at the moment and we're heading out for dinner. Our plans for now are Da Big Kahuna. We shall see. Thank God for the sun today. Thank you. Thank you. I'm eternally grateful.


Cheryl Aloha said...

Good Morning and TGIF!

Is this your last day here? Hey I was thinking about it and you guys never headed East! Take Kalanianaole Hwy. towards Koko Head and famous snorkeling beach Hanauma Bay, continue on the winding road... the view is spectacular! On clear days you can see Molokai and Maui from those views. Keep going down the road, you will come to Sandy Beach... famous for boogie boarding. Continue on the road up to Makapuu Light House... if you feel up to it take the short hike to the light house, its beautiful up there (easy hike) during the months of February to April you can see Humpback Whales from there, real cool! You could either turn around and go back to town or if you continue down that road you will go through Waimanalo then Kailua and you'll be on the Windward side.

Check it out... it'll be great.

Cheryl Aloha said...

Oh yeah... and do you like Polish Hot Dogs? Check out Puka Dog, its at the opening of International Market Place off of Kuhio Ave. (by Payless Shoes). You could share one, its huge and REALLY tasty... unlike any you'll ever have (the secret is in the bread and sauce) Yumm!!!