Saturday, December 29, 2007

I'm Okay

Alright, now that everyone is concerned with my fiasco, to the point of me receiving phone calls, I figured I'd update you on how I am. Everyone I see says, "It's not as bad as I thought it'd be." So on those lines I'm pretty darn good. I guess from my post, people expected my face to be massacred. As I stated in the previous post, the wounds/scratches/lesions don't look bad. It's not like my face is all scratched to crap. The cat didn't really scratch at me. It kept moving around my head, digging and biting, causing puncture wounds, which aren't very visible. Not to mention, most of the wounds are in my hair so they cannot be seen. I've attempted to take pictures. but holes in my skin don't photograph well. So most any normal person that sees me wouldn't think much of it.

At the same time I'm not trying to downplay what happened or the possible seriousness of the injury. It was scary and painful, and I wouldn't wish what had happened on anyone. I still have a decent amount of throbbing from all of the wounds. Not excruciating pain. Just a nagging pain that you think to yourself, "Ok, it can stop now." The bruises on my forehead have been a pain today too. For some reason they feel more swollen then they have been and if I touch them they're pretty sore. I'm also making sure I take my medication and having David keep an eye on the wounds. I should be safe at this point, but an infection could rear it's ugly head and change things dramatically. In addition to the physical pain I'm also going to have to deal with the "emotional pain." The scenario keeps playing itself over and over in my head. And I think to myself, "What could have I done different?" and "What would I do differently in the future?" My employer is concerned with me overcoming any fear of handling cats in the future. This is more an issue with them than with me. I feel fine and confident with myself and don't think this will be much of an issue. I did go back to work on Friday and it was basically as hellacious of a day as Thursday, minus the cat attack. Long story. I didn't even have time to worry about what had happened.

So in a nutshell, thank you for all of your concerns. It's greatly appreciated. I'm doing fine and am already able to look back at this experience and laugh. Hey, maybe the cat just wanted to poke holes in my head to let the evil spirits escape.


kyleroth said...

Glad to hear you are doing ok. Hope you heal quickly.

Cheryl said...

That evil cat!