Thursday, December 13, 2007


I've been attempting to make a "video" of David and myself through the years and have hit a few roadblocks. Mainly, the file's too big to post on YouTube. I tried to upload to VEOH and it denied me access due to having "copyrighted" pictures in it (professional still pictures). So I made the file smaller, lost some quality, but it's now posted on YouTube.


Mom said...

That had to take a lot of time and effort but it sure is worth it. How adorable are the two of you?!!

sita said...

I'm sobbing. You two are so precious in my sight and how even more so in God's. Words can never express how much love I have for you two. I love the love you share with one another. It's truly genuine.
Blessings, blessings and many, many more.
I love you, sita

Jacki said...

Adorable. I always love these photo slideshows. You guys sure went through a lot of hairstyles and cuts! :)