Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Small Light Is Getting Larger

I started looking at my school schedule for next semester yesterday. Everyone's been asking me, "when will you be done?" for years now. I think I now have a definitive answer (of course if nothing unexpected happens). It looks like I only have 2 semesters to go and I'll be done come August. Sweet. So close I can taste it. Okay, maybe not that close, but it still sounds good. I sat down with my employer yesterday to figure out when I should take what classes since there's a lab component that I must take down in Texas. This component takes a week so I'll miss work for that period of time. Our "downtime" at work is in the spring which would be a better time to take it, but the school recommends leaving it for the last semester and it's probably better that way so I can learn some large animal techniques, etc before heading down there to do a hands on lab (all level 4 classes are large animal). So it's been decided, I'll be heading down to Texas for a week sometime between May-August. We're not sure if David will be joining me, since we're not sure what to expect from my schedule. My understanding is it's a 6 day lab that counts as 60 hours...meaning 10 hour days. I don't want him to go down there just to sit and waste time but at the same time maybe we can make it a few days longer, through the weekend, so that we can have a small vacation. In addition we have friends that live in Texas that we haven't seen since we lived in New Orleans. It'd be great to see them again. We shall see as time gets closer. This next semester's going to be a bear. I'll be taking 4 classes and 1 has a video. Bah. Can't do anything about it. The sooner I take them the sooner I'll be done. And that will leave me with 3 classes the last semester. I just figured it's easier to take more classes in the winter/spring than in the summer. Just a guess. So I see it. That small light at the end of the tunnel that keeps getting larger and larger.

In other news David and his dad will be heading up to Minnesota again in a couple weeks. They hit the idea around last night and David hopped online to find affordable tickets again for a Vikings game. It will be an even shorter trip than last time and they will be driving instead of flying. At such affordable prices you can't pass it up. Of course I get to stay here and work. Someone's got to make money for the family. Just kidding.

Jet lag sucks. We didn't think we'd have that big of an issue due to our fiasco coming home and being so tired. On Saturday night we crashed when we originally thought we'd be awake. We could've slept all day on Sunday but made sure we got up. We were tired all day but when night hit we were wide awake. Monday morning was tough and the day was rough. Then once again last night we were awake again. It's not fun. My body wants to sleep but at the wrong times. Hopefully it will subside in a few days.


Cheryl Aloha said...

That's great Heidi! You're almost there! Its so funny how you mention 'large animals', certain unmentionable thoughts come to my mind. I think I've been watching too much of that show "Dirty Jobs". ha ha.

Update: our roof and house is being fixed for a REALLY great price, of course the insurance will cover. we are dealing with the loss of our pooch, but she lived a long pampered life... it was her time, I can imagine her in heaven as a puppy again, running and playing and barking.

I love your pictures, they're great! It doesn't even look at all like you were practically in a hurricane... you're a great photographer!

I've been to Cleveland once in May about 5 years ago, Columbus in August 3 years ago and Columbus again over Christmas 2 years ago. I got to see snow! I've seen snow before, but its always such a novelty for someone from Hawaii. ha ha.

Is Sita David's sister? They really look alike. *smiles*

Cheryl Aloha said...

Oh and about that jet lag, no fooling! Those times when I traveled to Ohio I could barely stay awake! That time difference is tough!

Why vacation in Ohio? That's a long story... But you'd think people from Hawaii need to get off 'the rock' from time to time. ha ha.

Heidi said...

What good news Cheryl! You'll be all fixed up in no time.

Sita's going to love you...that's David's mom, not sister. It's just my nickname for her (I call his dad Alpa)...long story.

Thanks for your compliment on the photos. It's a hobby of mine that I've taken up. I don't do anything special, just click pictures all the time. I'd like to get an even better camera, but that will come with time.

You bet your pup is running, playing and living it up in heaven! I always say, you watched over them for many years, now it's their turn to watch over you. By the way, what was her name?

Good to hear from you and hopefully you're enjoying your beautiful weather. As for us the rain followed us back to Ohio. Ah well, it will turn to snow soon enough...high near 35 tomorrow. I definitely like having seasons. It gives you a break. Talk to you soon!

Cheryl Aloha said...

I like that saying. Her name was Bumbuchi... in Hawaii when something is big (large) we use the slang 'whoa bumbuchas!'... anyway, she was the largest of all the pups in the litter so we started calling her Bumbuchi (Buchi for short) and that name just stuck. ha ha.

Sita is his mom!?!?!?! Wow!