Saturday, December 22, 2007

Rachael Ray I Am Not

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Today was spent in the kitchen. Justin and Cassie got here around noon and we started making cookies soon after. Making our "Dream Cookies" aka cutouts is a yearly tradition. I can remember making them when Grandma and Grandpa Quirie would come up for vacation. As time goes on we've become lax in our tradition but I try to get around to it if at all possible. I shot an email to J the other day to see if he was interested and he was game. I figured if we made them immediately upon their arrival in town, we'd for sure get them made. Not only do you get to spend time with family but you also get to eat your outcome. How great is that? They ended up a little thicker than normal this year but taste just as good as usual. Yum.

After going out to dinner we came home for David to pack for his trip. While he packed I took the opportunity to make my dishes I will be taking to our big family gathering that takes place tomorrow. My dish choices were pumpkin dip and a pizza/taco dip. They were pretty easy to make and I think they turned out fine, but all of this time in the kitchen today has made me tired. It's also made me realize why I don't cook/bake on a normal basis. It's just not my thing and I don't really get any mental gratification out of it. That's alright though. Doing it once a year isn't going to kill me.

It's about that time for bed, but I must caulk the bathtub before doing so. I noticed a few cracks a week ago and figured I'd take advantage of the time I have while David's gone. Since you have to wait so long for it to cure and we only have one full bath, it's not easy to fit it in the schedule. Off to caulk.

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kyleroth said...

Ha. Looking forward to seeing you all today.