Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Running Spells Relief

Today was a high anxiety day. No specific reason. My anxiety was just high, period. Sometimes I go through times like that, but I think I could also contribute not running to the mix. No outlet for me. I knew running was important to me on a multitude of levels...from anxiety, having a place to burn off energy, feeling heathier, and feeling like I have a choice of what I can eat instead of counting every little calorie. On the anxiety side I've had a day here and there where I can tell I haven't run, as my anxiety is up. And as stated in previous posts, as time goes on, I am understanding runners and their mindsets...going out at all hours just to run, in the freezing cold, or in the hot sun. I've now entered the next phase of needing and wanting it. Kind of like a drug I guess. After having 4 days off of running I was about it freak out in my own skin. I needed it and needed it bad. I was determined to do anything to get it. Scary I know. But at least I recognize it. In all honesty if it weren't for others telling me, "don't go out and run in this weather," I'd probably be out attempting to run in it.

During my workday I gave David a quick holler to see if he'd be interested in walking the mall tonight. It's not running, but at least I'd be up, moving, feeling as though I'm doing something. He was game and then he brought up the idea of going to the YMCA. Heck yeah! A few weeks ago we got 4 free guest passes from his coworker. We had been planning to use them to swim, but remember, I was willing to do anything to run. I got home and we zoomed over to the Y and hit the treadmills. My first official treadmill experience wasn't bad. It was definitely different. It took me longer to go the distance I wanted to reach and it seemed rougher on my knees. It also took my body some getting used to. But I didn't fall or make a fool out of myself. And the best thing...we got to run.

So now I can compare treadmill running with outside running. As everyone says, there are pros and cons to each. To point out a few....Running outside definitely lets you be more "free" and is more relaxing to me. You also have more to look at and it's great to get fresh air. But you have to deal with the unexpected elements and safety can be an issue. The treadmill helped me keep better pace and with living in Sandusky, it may be able to help me with inclines a little better than outside running. Being inside with other people around me was kind of claustrophobic. And as stated, it was harder on my knees and leaves you with a weird sensation after getting off...almost like you're on one of those flat conveyor belt like walkways at an airport.

As of now we'll be sticking with outside running but we see the Y as an option if needed. At this point we don't want to jump the gun by joining. I'm not really into the whole driving somewhere to workout type of thing. I like to walk outside and go. But with the crazy winter weather it may be worth it. And having other options like swimming would be nice. But they do offer day passes, which is also an option for days that we can't go outside or want to try out our fins in the pool. Only time will tell. The snow/ice has started to melt in the streets and all of the main streets are pretty clear. Hopefully by tomorrow they'll be even more clear, making it possible for us to head outside. I'll worry about that tomorrow. But for now I'm glad I have my sanity back....at least for the time being.

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Anonymous said...

When I used the treadmill at the apartments, I always felt really strange getting off of it. I would walk really slow and it felt like I was moving really fast. I never cared for the treadmill all that much. I don't seem to have the same issue on the eliptical machine. The eliptical seems to be much easier on the knees and ankles as well. I can do an hour on the eliptical everyday without icing afterwards whereas running outside requires rest days and icing. It is more boring running on the eliptical, but I usually watch a show and it makes the time go quicker.