Thursday, December 06, 2007

I Want Sleep

The marathon expo was ok. There weren't too many vendors and 50% of them targeted the Asian population. Why should I be surprised? We didn't spend as much time there as expected but I did get this little belt/pouch thing to wear while running. It's tiny but stretches to fit necessities. I don't see me using on normal day-to-day runs but will mostly use it for races when we don't have anyone with us to hold our stuff. Since it stretches it also keeps it's shape and stays tight to your body, not moving around and such. I'll have to let you know how it goes when I use it.

While venturing to the convention center we noticed a decent amount of debris on the streets of Waikiki from the storm the night before. We didn't think much of it and headed up to the North Shore yesterday. Bad idea. About halfway there we ran into a huge amount of traffic around a military based town. Upon passing through we found power line after powerline down. Not just the lines but the actual poles. HUGE trees were uprooted and thrown about. I've never witnessed anything like it before. There was no power including no traffic signals. Those were obviously some strong winds. All the power was out in the area. We decided to continue to the North Shore, unsure of what to expect when we arrived we found everything closed due to the weather and no power whatsoever. So much for our trip for shave ice. Instead of turning immediately around to head into the massive amount of traffic we just circled the island like the other day. We didn't find the rest of the island in too much better of shape. We were detoured down flooded roads to get around downed trees/powerlines. As usual we also ran into some rain.

After arriving back in town we decided to head out on a mission to find shave ice. In the meantime we also got our swimsuits on to "enjoy" the beach. It was windy as all get out but we tried to enjoy the few moments of no rain we could on the beach. While sitting there mother nature started to sputter and we rain back to the hotel. We ended up eating dinner at Chili's and then got some shave ice at the Food Pantry (grocery store). That's not exactly where I had hoped to get my shave ice but at least I can say that I had it while in Hawaii. We made it an early night and went back to the hotel room. Pretty Woman was on tv so we watched that. I was in and out of sleep and then finally was out at 10pm only to have both of us woken up by our neighbors having sex. I'm not even kidding. I know all of us adults do it but it's the grossest thing to hear. We turned our tv back on for awhile to block it out then finally went back to sleep. After all that had happened a car alarm went off outside and continued on and on and on. Probably for atleast 5 minutes. I just want a decent nights sleep, please. I'm begging you.

This morning we woke up to pouring rain so we spent the majority of the morning in the hotel room. As of now we're not sure what our plans are. We're definitely not going to head anywhere else on the island considering as we went to bed last night 13,000 people were still without power on Oahu. I feel so negative in my past few posts and I truly apologize for you having to read my negativity. I honestly feel as though I'm a very positive person on most occasions but during these times I must be honest to myself even if it's got to be brutal. If we could hop on a plane right now we would. Let's look at the bright side of things. At least we have power right?


Cheryl Aloha said...

Wake Up, Wake Up... This is your big chance to catch some sun! I was just outside and could see the blue sky! Have Fun in the sun!

Mom said...

Oh my Gosh...that is too funny. You are your father's child. I laughed out loud. Hopefully you are enjoying that sun that is supposedly out. As for was 6 degrees this morning. That was actual temperature. With wind chill factor it was -6. Makes ya appreciate that humid rain, eh? Only one more day and you will be heading home. The kids are getting excited. They were just climbing all over Papa, trying to wake him up from his nap. :)

Anonymous said...

Holy Moly,
That's just too or not. If it's not you "up in da bidness", it's just not right, ya know what I'm screemin. UGH. You out to go on Oprah, Ellen or Dr. Phil and tell about your horror paradise vacation. Then, possibly win a nice vacation you look back and smile on.