Friday, December 07, 2007

Last Day

Last day here in Hawaii. We don't leave until midnight local time though, so we have an entire day. With that being said we have to be careful at what we do since we won't have a hotel room to go back to if we get all nasty. They do offer a hospitality room so if worse came to worse, but still. As of now our plans are to "ride the loop" again, as we call it. We've done it 3 times before. Twice going up "Kam Highway" and around and the other up the windward side and around. I'm kind of bummed that we didn't get to to the leeward side but the day we were going to go the weather had been bad the night before and my understand was it was like a war zone over there. Thank you Cheryl Aloha for all of your advice and encouragement during this time. It definitely helped. We've passed the Puka Dogs several times in passing and I'm very interested. We're going to try to fit it in today but like I said, we're not exactly sure what the definitive plans are.

It's going to be a long flight home but I'm definitely excited to see our pups and kitties. Nana and PawPaw have them so spoiled they probably won't want to come home with us! Hopefully the next post will be from the comfort of our home.


Anonymous said...

We can't wait to see you,

Cheryl Aloha said...

You're welcome! Glad I was of some help... I really felt so helpless though, I was really hoping things would turn out better for you...

I'm sure you'll have a better appreciation for Ohio and all that comes with it (family, friends, pets, home).

Hopefully you'll be able to come back during a better weather time, perhaps Oahu wasn't the island for you... Maui is a much better place to relax on the beach sipping a Mai Tai...

Fond Aloha to you!,
Cheryl Aloha

Anonymous said...

wow im sa for you as i read your posts you re always so negative about life. People would die for a vacation to cleveland and you are in paradise. You efinitely are not a positive person in your posts-you seem to thinki the glass is always half empty

so sad for you

Cheryl Aloha said...

Oh boy, don't even give a second thought to that previous post! I would be SICK if I were so excited about my dream trip to "paradise" for nearly a year only to find myself in the middle of a horrible unseasonable (we have no seasons by the way) storm!

I did not want to tell you this to bring you further down but, the other night nearly half of our roof blew off during those "crazy winds", yes. It also rained in our house and we now have ceiling and electrical damage, which will all need to be fixed AS SOON AS THIS DARN RAIN WILL LET UP and cost $$. Needless to say I am sick of the rain! But, I live here, I didn't just pay thousands of dollars to spend one week in this mess!

Sorry... my turn to vent I guess. Too bad our paths didn't cross, you see I work in one of the hotels in Waikiki... and take people's dream vacations (the good and bad of it) very personally. As though, someone comes to your place and they don't have a good time... its very sad.

Hope you make it home safe! Will check back in the next couple of days to be sure.

Take Care You Two!

Cheryl Aloha said...

Heidi and David,
I know you are still on your way home, but OH MY GOSH! Everything is back to normal, the Hot Hawaiian Sun is out and the sky is clear blue... not a cloud in the sky!

You must come back and give us another try... remember I said I work in a hotel?... talk about connections !

OK then. `smiles`

Justin said...
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Jay said...

Don't listen to the anonymous a$$ clown. I would be pretty upset if I had worked hard to save and plan my dream vacation to have horible weather the entire time (among everything else). You can only "look at the bright side of things" for so long. I doubt there are many "dying for a trip to cleveland" and those that make a trip to cleveland didn't work for many years to save for the trip. Keep your chin up and in a few years you will laugh about your trip. You have created many memories. Can't wait to see National Lampoon's Hawaiian at a theater soon.